Started Task Requirements

The following started tasks must be active and started automatically during an IPL:
The following started tasks must be active and started automatically during an IPL:
For security requirements for the Xmanager and Xnet started tasks, see Started Task Security Requirements.
  • Xmanager (PTXMAN)
    The PTXMAN started task for the Xmanager (Execution Manager) must be started and active for all
    that run under the PTLDRIVM driver. This processing includes the TSO/ISPF online environment, batch jobs, and other jobs that are necessary to complete the installation and customization process.
    Xmanager instances are known by a four-digit ID (XMANID). This ID is specified when completing the SETUPxx global parmlib member during the post-installation configuration.
    The PTXMAN started task must be running at the same release or maintenance level as the release or maintenance level being installed. To complete the post-installation configuration process when a previous release or maintenance level of the same major release of the products is installed and running, start an alternate PTXMAN or recycle the current PTXMAN.
    The Xnet (Execution Manager Networking) started tasks (PXNPROC and PXNPROCE) require the following software:
    • IBM z/OS with TCP/IP communications (any supported release as documented in the z/OS Compatibility Matrix)
    • One
      of the following external security manager products with the System Authorization Facility (SAF) interface enabled:
      • ACF2
      • Top Secret
      • IBM RACF
    PXNPROC and PXNPROCE also require that the Xmanager started task is up and running always. Detailed information about customizing Xnet before use is provided in the post-installation configuration tasks.
  • Mainframe Team Center - Database Management for Db2 for z/OS user interface started tasks
    The primary Mainframe Team Center - Database Management for Db2 for z/OS components include:
      CCS ESM Microservice (external security manager microservice, an ESM security services server with an embedded Tomcat)
    • PXMDS
      Database Management Data Service (data request REST API and router for the
      with embedded Tomcat)
    • MTCDBM
      Mainframe Team Center user interface server with embedded Tomcat
      and PXNPROCE (in
      Xnet (communication portal to the
      product sets, which are coupled to the Xmanager)
    • PTXMAN (in
      Xmanager (Execution Manager) started task.
    • OFAPROC (in
      Object Framework Services Agent (OFA) started task.
    On z/OS, each of these components appears as a started task (STC).
  • SYSVIEW for Db2
    requires two started tasks to be active:
    • (Optional) The PC task (one per partition)
    • The data collector (one per monitored