Db2 Version Support

The following table lists the Db2 versions that are supported for the active
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
product releases:
Customers who are moving to Db2 12 should upgrade to Version 20.0 of the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
to take advantage of new Db2 12 features in function levels higher than V12R1M500. See the installation documentation for upgrade instructions.
Db2 12 function level support means that our products are usable on Db2 12 subsystems with the function level activated and with an updated catalog (maintenance applied).
, you may not be able to use the new features in the function level. For feature level support in each function level, see the product-specific new feature documentation.
To determine the Db2 function, catalog, and code levels on your subsystems, use the DB2L command on the command line of most product panels to display the settings that are set by the product configuration. You can also use the DISPLAY GROUP command in the Db2 Command Processor (option C on the products main menu).
Product Version
Db2 12
Db2 11
Db2 10
  • V12R1M100
  • V12R1M500
  • V12R1M501
  • V12R1M502 (IR 5 SO04455)
  • V12R1M503 (IR 7 SO06863, CAR2003)
  • V12R1M504 (IR8 SO07807, CAR1904)
  • V12R1M505 (SO09426, CAR1909, CAR2005)
  • V12R1M506 (SO13150, SO10662, CAR2001, CAR2006)
  • V12R1M507 (SO13574, SO13709, CAR2008, CAR2106)
  • V12R1M508 (SO15031, SO15238, CAR2011), CAR2111)
  • V12R1M509 (LU00277, LU00304, CAR2104)
  • V12R1M510 (LU01352, CAR2106)
For more information about available CARS maintenance levels, see CARS Reports.
All Modes.
Not Supported.
19.0 (EOS)
V12R1M100 for migration from Db2 11. V12R1M500 with catalog level V12R1M500 only.
All Modes.
NFM only.
18.0 (EOS)
Not Supported.
All Modes.
All Modes.
IBM announced end of support for Db2 10 effective September 30, 2017 and end of support for Db2 11 effective September 30, 2020.