Product Accessibility Features

Learn about product accessibility features for software applications and operating systems, functional performance, and documentation.
is committed to addressing user accessibility in the development of its products and documentation to help all customers, regardless of ability, to accomplish vital business tasks.
Database Management Solutions for Db2
provide the following accessibility features support:
Software Applications and Operating Systems
  • Most product functions are executable from a keyboard where the function and result can be discerned textually. However, some functions, like expand and collapse controls on the panel are not in the tab order, and can only be located by exploration of the panel using the keyboard.
  • The products inherit the following operating system accessibility features:
    • StickyKeys
    • FilterKeys
    • ToggleKeys
    • MouseKeys
    • SerialKeys
  • When tabular output is generated as a result of job submission, the output uses visual formatting semantics that are not programmatically available to Assistive Technology (AT) through the emulator.
  • Textual information is provided through a standard text file, which can be edited and viewed using a text editor and through operating system functions for displaying text.
  • The products do not inherit user-selected color, contrast, and font settings from the operating system. However, you can change color, contrast, and font settings in the emulator and the product inherits these settings.
    You can also adjust the colors that are displayed on the ISPF panels using the Global Profile option on the
    Database Management Solutions for Db2
    Main Menu. Select the Setup Screen Colors option to define color combinations and select colors that are easier to see.
    To make more adjustments to your display, and the sound, keyboard, and mouse interactions with the emulator, refer to your 3270 emulation software documentation. For other changes, refer to your operating system documentation.
  • Some characters (<, +, -, and >) are used to create a graphic indicator. However, these characters might cause confusion when encountered by a screen reader user when seen individually or in combination within the same or other applications.
Functional Performance Criteria
  • Assistive Technology screen readers and screen magnifiers are supported. The batch products are text-based and use input and output files that are viewed through text editors. However, some output can include visually formatted, tabular data that require the user to examine the textual screen content to interpret responses.
  • The products can be used in a mouseless (keyboard-only) mode. The products also inherit operating system motor control accessibility features.
Documentation and Support
  • Documentation can be viewed online, or downloaded in PDF files.
  • Support is available online, by email, and by phone.