Support for zIIP Processors

IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) support is now provided.
IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) support is now provided. zIIP processors can help you expand the use of your mainframe for new workloads. They do so while lowering cost of ownership by moving workloads from a general processor to specialty engines like zIIP.
provides many solutions that apply the features and functionality of zIIP processors to help you further reduce costs and optimize your z Systems environment.
The following products in the
Database Management Solutions for Db2
currently use zIIP features and functionality:
Percentages of zIIP offloading are provided in parentheses with the product information. These percentages are provided "as is" based on benchmarks that are run in our labs and as guidance
. We do not guarantee that you will experience the same percentage of zIIP offload in your environment. Performance can vary depending on the z/OS environment and application workload.
Note the following additional product information:
  • RC/Migrator
    The RC/Merger component uses flash copy (feature of the DASD software) to provide up to 98 percent CPU and elapsed time savings (though not through zIIP processors).
  • Subsystem Analyzer
    Subsystem Analyzer
    does not provide a user option for moving workloads from general processors to zIIP processors. However, its data collection engine runs under the application threads and therefore uses the processors that the application threads are using, including zIIP processors.
    For more information about the provided zIIP support, see the documentation for
    Database Analyzer
    Fast Load
    Fast Unload
    Quick Copy
    Rapid Reorg
    , and
    SYSVIEW for Db2