Transition to Continuous Delivery

Version 20.0 of the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS has transitioned to continuous delivery.
We have transitioned from an Incremental Release model to a Continuous Delivery release model. The Incremental Release model bundled groups of features and fixes. With the Continuous Delivery release model, we deliver new features as we complete them. The Continuous Delivery model provides more flexibility to select which service stream elements you want to apply and lets us provide you with earlier access to features and fixes. We continue to enhance this version of the
using the Continuous Delivery model.
If you participated in the incremental release, no action is required. The Continuous Delivery model is actively in use following the release of Increment 8 (IR8). If you plan to install Version 20.0, download the pax file from Broadcom Support.
In the Continuous Delivery release model:
  • We deliver enhancements in the maintenance stream as feature PTFs. New product features and fixes are no longer bundled together.
  • We deliver enhancements that are disabled, where possible, to give you more control over when and how the features are implemented. With new features disabled, you control when to make the new features available for use in your environment. An explicit action is required to enable the feature.
  • Product validation programs let you influence feature design and test new features and capabilities before they are made generally available (GA). For more information about these programs, go to
  • We provide individual product fixes when needed, separate from product features. You can apply product fixes without enabling new features, which limits exposure to new features being applied in a production environment. These changes can limit SMP/E dependencies that were forced previously by bundling features and fixes together.
  • We generate Level Set PTFs. A Level Set PTF specifies all prior maintenance as a prerequisite. After the Level Set PTF has been applied successfully, all published maintenance prior to the Level Set PTF is applied. The Level Set PTF enables you to identify the current maintenance level and features that have been installed. For more information about Level Set PTFs, see Apply Level Set Maintenance. For a list of available Level Set PTFs and their corresponding features, see New Features.
    New features that are tied to a Level Set PTF cannot be used until the Level Set PTF is applied and activated. New features that are not tied to a Level Set PTF can still be applied and used immediately. For more information, see Xmanager Requirements.
For more information about the Continuous Delivery release model, see the Continuous Delivery Strategy. For more information about installing maintenance, see the Mainframe Common Maintenance Procedures documentation. This site describes the maintenance strategy for Broadcom mainframe products.