Information and procedures for end users
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
are an integrated set of products that enable Db2 database administrators (DBAs) to manage Db2 databases. These products provide database administration, database performance management, and database backup and recovery capabilities. These products also share a common ISPF interface that you can use to access the products, and shared functions and configuration components. The shared functions are included with the license of
product in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
You can also use the
Mainframe Team Center - Database Management for Db2 for z/OS
user interface to view and explore Db2 application performance and administrative data. For information, see Using the Mainframe Team Center User Interface.
The following sample panel shows the products and shared functions that are accessible from the ISPF main menu:
This panel displays all ISPF enabled products or only licensed products depending on the setting of the FULLMENU option in the SETUP global parmlib member. For information about the SETUP options, see the Installing documentation.
20.0 CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm OPTION ===> SCROLL ===> PAGE DB2 SSID ==>
ACM ==> OFF ACMID ==> USERA01 SQLID ==> USERB01 <-> Backup and Recovery <-> Report Facility _ LA Log Analyzer _ R Report Facility Menu _ MM Merge/Modify _ Z Recovery Analyzer <-> Utilities _ U DB2 Object Manager <-> Database Administration _ 1 RC/Query <-> Value Pack _ 2 RC/Migrator _ B Batch Processor _ 3 RC/Update _ C DB2 Command Processor _ 4 RC/Secure _ I Interactive SQL _ 5 RC/Extract _ M Alt. Catalog Mapping _ 7 CA Endevor for DB2 _ TT Thread Term/Dynam DSNZPARM _ Y Utility Manager <-> General Facilities _ 6 RI Manager _ A Product Authorizations _ DF Dataset Facility _ EP Edit Parmlib Members _ X Exit CA/DB2 Products _ GP Global Prof. Variables _ SS Space Calculator _ T Product Tutorials _ W Log Maintenance <-> Performance Management _ D Database Analyzer _ DT Detector _ IS SYSVIEW for DB2 _ P Plan Analyzer _ S SQL-Ease _ SA Subsystem Analyzer ----------------- COPYRIGHT (C) 2017 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ----------
You can collapse and explode the panel options by placing the cursor over the minus (-) or plus sign (+) and pressing Enter. You can also use the COLLAPSE, EXPLODE, and PRIMCMD commands to collapse and expand the menu groups and show and hide primary commands. For help, type a question mark (?) in the Option field and press Enter.
When you execute an option from the products main menu, a call attach is performed to the specified Db2 subsystem. If the product or component is not installed on the requested subsystem, an error occurs.
Use the
global primary command online to display the Db2 runtime values for the subsystem and the values that have been specified for the subsystem in the SETUP global parmlib member. This command displays the catalog level, function level, previous highest level, and code level. To prevent Db2 connection errors, these values must be in sync. To execute the DB2L command in batch, use the CALL Batch Processor interface command.
The DB2 SSID, Location, DB2 Version, ACM, ACMID, and SQLID fields provide Db2 subsystem and product information. To switch between subsystems, change the value in the DB2 SSID field. To view a list of defined subsystems, enter a question mark (?) in this field instead.
You can return to this panel from any product by entering the EXIT command or by pressing the corresponding END function key.
For more The following component and product categories are provided:
We recommend that you review the interface basics before accessing the product-specific interfaces or the General Facilities or Value Pack components.
Db2 Backup and Recovery
The backup and recovery products in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
help you simplify and streamline a Db2 recovery. Whether it is simply a few application objects, a complete ERP application, or an entire Db2 system. With these products, you have the tools to surgically back out a single update, support auditing of data changes, and replicate data changes to remote subsystems. You can also quickly back up the data and consolidate incremental backups or accumulate log changes. This processing improves the overall efficiency of the recovery jobs.
The following options are provided on the main menu:
  • LA (Log Analyzer)
    CA Log Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Log Analyzer) provides a complete analysis and management tool for active data sets, archive log data sets, and image copies. CA Log Analyzer analyzes Db2 log and SMF records to aid in auditing data changes.
  • MM (Merge/Modify)
    CA Merge/Modify™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Merge/Modify) provides a versatile utility for managing the backup and recovery of your Db2 tablespaces. CA Merge/Modify accelerates image copy and recovery processes to help you reduce the drain on valuable CPU resources and streamline backup and recovery procedures.
  • Z (Recovery Analyzer)
    CA Recovery Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Recovery Analyzer) provides full Db2 object recovery and restoration of referential integrity for related objects. CA Recovery Analyzer simplifies complex DB2 recovery situations by automating the generation of efficient recovery jobs.
The following backup and recovery products are not accessible from the main menu, but they are also included in this solution suite:
  • CA Fast Recover™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Fast Recover) provides high-performance recovery for Db2 data (tablespaces and indexes). CA Fast Recover can quickly recover Db2 data (tablespaces and indexes) after a disaster or system failure, while minimizing CPU cycles, service units, and EXCPs.
  • CA Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Quick Copy) creates fast, consistent, and accurate Db2 image copies without impacting the data availability. CA Quick Copy provides you with backups of Db2 data by making single or multiple image copies at high speeds.
Db2 Database Administration
The database administration products in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
help reduce costs, simplify Db2 object schema and data management, and help provide for the integrity of your Db2 environments. The database administration products compliment and work with each other.
The following database administration options are provided on the main menu:
  • 1 (RC/Query)
    CA RC/Query® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Query) is an interactive tool that queries, analyzes, maintains, and monitors Db2 subsystems. CA RC/Query provides catalog management capabilities and alleviates the time consuming task of manually developing and testing specialized queries. CA RC/Query lets you take immediate action–whether that means executing a command, invoking a utility, or moving to another product in the
    CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
  • 2 (RC/Migrator)
    CA RC/Migrator™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Migrator) is integrated with
    CA RC/Compare™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Compare) to provide Db2 migrations, alterations, and comparisons. CA RC/Migrator provides automation that increases database availability and helps you to reduce the time and risk of human error that is involved with complex database administration tasks.
  • 3 RC/Update
    CA RC/Update™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Update) is a Db2 object and data management tool. CA RC/Update automates labor-intensive tasks that are related to changing Db2 objects and data. CA RC/Update provides a development environment for the application developer, an editor and data copy feature for the end user, and sophisticated object management facilities for the DBA. These features result in simplified database administration tasks, reduced database downtime, and increased DBA productivity.
  • 4 RC/Secure
    CA RC/Secure™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Secure) is a Db2 security administration facility. CA RC/Secure is a comprehensive online security administration tool for Db2 for z/OS that helps you streamline and automate the tasks of Db2 security administration.
  • 5 RC/Extract
    CA RC/Extract™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA RC/Extract) is a product for extracting referentially intact data from one set of Db2 objects and loading the data into another set of objects.
  • 7 Endevor for DB2
    CA Endevor® Software Change Manager Interface for DB2 integrates with CA Endevor® Software Change Manager.
Db2 Performance Management
The Db2 database and SQL performance management products in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
use sophisticated analysis to help keep Db2 structures performing optimally. These products use advanced analysis and suggest corrective actions to keep Db2 databases performing optimally.
The following performance management options are provided on the main menu:
  • D (Database Analyzer)
    CA Database Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Database Analyzer) provides DASD and database monitoring, analysis, validation, and tuning. CA Database Analyzer has a sophisticated analysis engine that uses real-time statistics to provide graphs, trending, forecasting information as well as a flexible scripting language to proactively take corrective actions.
    CA Database Analyzer helps increase DBA productivity by:
    • Using existing Db2 real-time statistics (RTS)
    • Collecting new statistics on Db2 objects and using them to automate DB2 housekeeping
    • Scheduling and executing utilities
    • Performing space management following user-defined thresholds
    The included high-speed reorganization utility is designed to increase data availability and performance, and save resources.
  • DT (Detector)
    CA Detector® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Detector) provides SQL application performance analysis. CA Detector provides in-depth analysis capabilities that enable you to identify the programs and SQL statements that most significantly affect your Db2 system performance.
  • IS (SYSVIEW for DB2)
    CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Option for DB2
    (CA SYSVIEW for DB2) monitors Db2 subsystems and Db2 applications outside of the z/OS environment. CA SYSVIEW for DB2 collects data from the z/OS subsystem interface, Db2 and z/OS control blocks, and Db2 performance traces, including input from the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator to provide online access to critical performance statistics. In addition, the product monitors subsystems, connections from CICS, IMS, and network applications, and application statistics to assess and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • P (Plan Analyzer)
    CA Plan Analyzer® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Plan Analyzer) offers access to information for managing, controlling, and optimizing application plans. CA Plan Analyzer is designed to improve Db2 performance by efficiently analyzing SQL and using expert rules to offer SQL performance improvement recommendations.
  • S (SQL-Ease)
    CA SQL-Ease® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA SQL-Ease) is an ISPF-edit-based development and productivity tool for application programmers.
  • SA (Subsystem Analyzer)
    CA Subsystem Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Subsystem Analyzer) lets you evaluate and optimize the performance of critical subsystem components. CA Subsystem Analyzer is designed to saves time by consolidating information into a clear, concise view.
CA Detector, CA Plan Analyzer, and CA Subsystem Analyzer automatically detect and stop an inefficient SQL statement from moving into production. These products help you quickly identify poor running SQL statements and recommend changes to these statements based on expert rules. The access path, SQL performance, and Db2 object usage history can be stored for future trending and analysis. Application change control procedures can automatically detect and stop an inefficient SQL statement from moving into production. This processing saves ythe company money due to high CPU usage and improving customer experience by reducing the risk of slow performing applications.
These products also provide analysis capabilities that help identify the programs and SQL statements that impact your DB2 system performance. SQL activity is collected from many sources including online and batch mainframe applications using static SQL, client/server applications, reporting applications, and ERP systems that access Db2 using dynamic SQL. Data warehousing applications using dynamic or static SQL and host variable values can also be collected. Subsystem information is collected to track usage at the database object level, by program and statements, as well as information to analyze buffer pool hit ratios, get page requests, and physical object I/O.
CA Bind Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS
(CA Bind Analyzer) is also included in the Db2 performance management products, but is not accessible from the main menu. CA Bind Analyzer reduces resource contention and accelerates application development.
Report Facility
CA Report Facility
provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for novice and power users for building reports and queries, giving online data access to end users without forfeiting any measure of control. Use option
R (Report Facility Menu)
to access the product menu. From this option, you can also access the CA Compile/PRF facility, which generates, compiles, and executes stand-alone COBOL programs.
The U (DB2 Object Manager) option lets you select Db2 objects and the utilities that you want to execute on them. You can also access the utility profile to specify default settings.
The following utility products are included in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
: (these products are not accessible from the main menu)
  • CA Fast Check® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Fast Check) monitors and controls Db2 database consistency.
  • CA Fast Index® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Fast Index) builds Db2 indexes while minimizing I/O.
  • CA Fast Load for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Fast Load) enables high-speed loading of large amounts of data into Db2 tables.
  • CA Fast Unload® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Fast Unload) provides high speed unloading of DB2 data. CA Fast Unload helps you reduce the time that is required to unload Db2 data.
  • CA Rapid Reorg® for DB2 for z/OS
    (CA Rapid Reorg) performs quick and effective Db2 data reorganizations to help increase data availability and performance and save resources. CA Rapid Reorg provides online and offline reorganization capabilities and automates space management.
General Facilities
Before you begin using the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
, we recommend that you review the general facilities basics (commands and function keys, scrolling, printing, selection criteria, help, interrupt processing, and SQL error processing). We also recommend that you review the capabilities that are provided with the interproduct interface, extended query facility.
After review of these topics, you can begin using the products and can shared functions that are included in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
The following options let you access the general facilities for all
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
  • A (Product Authorizations)
    Lets you grant and revoke user access authorities to the products, log tables, and Db2 system catalog tables.
  • DF (Dataset Facility)
    Automates the administration procedures that are involved in moving user-created Db2 data sets.
    You can use the Dataset Facility from any product in the
    CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
    . However, you must have a license for
    CA Database Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS
    CA RC/Query® for DB2 for z/OS
    to use this facility.
  • EP (Edit Parmlib Members)
    Lets you customize the default product-specific execution values.
  • GP (Global Profile)
    Lets you specify values to be used by
    products. Product-specific profile options are also provided. These options are described in the product-specific documentation.
  • SS (Space Calculator)
    Create and manipulate statistical information about tablespaces or indexspaces.
  • T (Product Tutorials)
    The online product tutorials. Press the HELP key (F1) to access.
  • W (Log Maintenance)
    Lets you display, back up, purge, print, and restore log data for the Batch Processor interface, CA Database Analyzer, CA RC/Secure, and CA RC/Update.
Value Pack
The following options let you access the value pack components: (these components are automatically installed with any licensed product in the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
  • B (Batch Processor)
    The Batch Processor interface lets you submit data sets that contain SQL statements and Batch Processor commands.
  • C (DB2 Command Processor)
    The DB2 Command Processor lets you execute Db2 and other commands from within a product session.
  • I (Interactive SQL)
    ISQL lets you test SQL from within your product sessions.
  • M (Alt. Catalog Mapping)
    Maps alternate tables (shadow tables) or views to catalog names.
  • TT (Thread Term/Dynam DSNZPARM)
    Safely terminate Db2 threads, whether executing in Db2 or in an application, without affecting other transactions. Provides management of Db2 by performing dynamic and scheduled changes to the Db2 environment, including Db2 parameters, exit routines, and active log data sets.
  • Y (Utility Manager)
    Lets you create, view, update, and submit utility extracts.
  • 6 (RI Manager)
    Provides an interactive, visual tool for managing the Referential Integrity (RI) relationships that let you use Db2.