Restrictions regarding how to use ddd in the dad environment are as follows:
Restrictions regarding how to use 
CA Datacom® Datadictionary™
 in the 
CA Datacom®/AD
 environment are as follows:
  • You cannot create database structures other than the ones that are provided by the CA using product.
  • You are only allowed to redefine existing columns (fields) and add keys to the tables in the database approved for use with the CA using product.
  • You cannot add columns (FIELD entity-occurrences), change the size of the supplied keys, or create your own databases, areas, or tables to use with the CA using product. You can make a duplicate of an existing database structure.
  • Specific naming conventions are enforced.
  • You must use the DDRTVCAT utility to catalog the database from PROD status in the 
    CA Datacom® Datadictionary™
     to the CXX after you make any changes. DDRTVCAT validates and ensures that no critical changes are made to the shipped CA database structure.