Clean Up the USS Directory

Clean up the USS directory after the SMP/E package installation is complete.
This procedure is optional. If you decide to perform this procedure, do so after you complete the installation process and when you do not need the installation files. When this procedure is done, you are ready to install preventive maintenance.
To free file system disk space for subsequent downloads after downloading and processing the pax files for your
mainframe product, remove files from your USS directory and delete unnecessary z/OS data sets. You can delete the following items:
  • Pax file
  • Product-specific directory that the pax command created and all the files in it
  • SMP/E RELFILEs, SMPMCS, and HOLDDATA MVS data sets. These data sets have the HLQ that you assigned in the UNZIPJCL job.
Retain non-SMP/E installation data sets such as
.INSTALL.NOTES for future reference.
  1. Navigate to your Pax ESD USS directory.
    Your view is of the applicable USS directory.
  2. Delete the pax file by entering the following command:
    • paxfile
      Specifies the name of the product pax file that you downloaded.
    The pax file is deleted.
  3. Delete the product-specific directory by entering the following command:
    rm -r
    • product-specific-directory
      Specifies the product-specific directory that you created previously using the pax command or sample JCL.
    The product-specific directory is deleted.
You can also use TSO ISHELL to navigate to the pax file and product-specific directory, and delete them using the D line command.
When you are done with this step, you are ready to install maintenance.