Create a Product Directory from the Pax File

The pax command performs the following actions:
The pax command performs the following actions:
  • Extracts the files and directories that are packaged within the pax file.
  • Creates a USS directory in the same directory structure where the pax file resides.
  • Automatically generates a product and level-specific directory name.
Set the current working directory to the directory containing the pax file, and create a directory in your USS directory by entering the following command:
pax -rvf 
Use the sample JCL that is attached to the PDF file as Unpackage.txt to extract the product pax file into a product installation directory.
The PDF version of this guide includes sample JCL jobs that you can copy directly to the mainframe. To access these jobs, click the paper clip icon at the left of the PDF reader. A window displaying attachments opens. Double-click a file to view a sample JCL. We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files.
Follow these steps:
  1. Replace
    with a valid JOB statement.
  2. Replace
    with the name of the USS directory that you use for product downloads.
    The job points to your specific directory.
  3. Replace
    with the name of the pax file.
    The job points to your specific pax file.
  4. Submit the job.
    The job creates the product directory.
If the PARM= statement exceeds 71 characters, uncomment and use the second form of UNPAXDIR instead. This sample job uses an X in column 72 to continue the PARM= parameters to a second line.
Example JCL File, Unpackage.txt, to Customize
The following text appears in the attached Unpackage.txt JCL file:
),'UNPAX PAX ESD PACKAGE', // MSGCLASS=X,CLASS=A,NOTIFY=&SYSUID //********************************************************************* //* This sample job can be used to invoke the pax command to create   * //* the product-specific installation directory.                      * //*                                                                   * //* This job must be customized as follows:                           * //* 1. Supply a valid JOB statement.                                  * //* 2. Replace "yourUSSpaxdirectory" with the name of the USS         * //*    directory used on your system for Pax ESD downloads.           * //* 3. Replace "paxfile.pax.Z" with the name of the pax file.         * //* NOTE: If you continue the PARM= statement on a second line,       * //*       start entering characters in column 16 and make sure        * //*       the 'X' continuation character is in column 72.             * //********************************************************************* //UNPAXDIR EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH, // PARM='sh cd /
/; pax -rvf 
/; pax                              X //*             -rvf