Review Installation Best Practices

Review the installation best practices before you begin the installation process.
Before you begin the installation process, review these installation best practices.
Manage Security and Integrity Fixes
offers Security and Integrity maintenance that addresses a security or integrity exposure. We categorize this maintenance as a “SECINT” or “Security or Integrity” fix type using our mainframe software packaging system. With each Security or Integrity Fix,
also offers access to Security Advisory articles that include additional details and context about a security or integrity exposure. Each article details the CVSS score, the CVSS Vector String, the affected components, and the CVE numbers, if applicable. This central resource offers self-service information and an email subscription service to be alerted about new security advisories.
Business Value:
This maintenance lets you quickly identify and apply security or integrity maintenance. The proactive notifications let you address security issues immediately.
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for Product Maintenance
to eliminate the need to download maintenance manually. This service uses the IBM SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command to acquire
mainframe product maintenance. This service enables you to acquire maintenance on demand or to schedule an SMP/E job to run as needed.
If you are an existing
customer, you can also use this service to download maintenance and dramatically reduce the time that is required to download PTFs.
Business Value:
can reduce hours of maintenance time to just minutes, making your system programmers more productive and allowing them to focus on higher value tasks.
  • Eliminates time-consuming fix searches and the need to select maintenance manually from the
  • Automates delivery of
    maintenance directly to your mainframe
  • Fulfills orders based on the status of your SMP/E environments
  • Enables scheduling of maintenance downloads
  • Facilitates an easier installation of Recommended and Preventive service
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Implement a Proactive Preventive Maintenance Strategy
to implement a proactive preventive maintenance strategy.
is patterned after the IBM preventive maintenance model, Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU). With
, you can install preventive maintenance for most
z/OS based products consistently on a schedule that you select (monthly, quarterly, annually). You can follow the same schedule that you use to apply IBM maintenance, or you can implement a schedule for
products only.
Business Value:
Keeping your products current with maintenance helps your team remain productive and minimizes errors while safely protecting your systems. If you do not install preventive maintenance regularly, you risk encountering known problems for which we have published and tested fixes. Early notification about the potential need to apply a required fix helps avoid unscheduled downtime and assists you in proactively maintaining your software.
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Sign up for Hiper Notifications
Sign up for HIPER notifications for all
products on the
website so that you receive notification of potential problems for your products as soon as possible. Subscribe to HIPER and other product notifications like security advisories within the
portal. Signin and select
under MY ACCOUNT. Select the alerts that you want and
Business Value:
Early notification about the potential need to apply a required fix helps avoid unscheduled downtime and assists you in proactively maintaining your software.
Apply IBM Maintenance
Review the current list of IBM APARs for z/OS, especially related to hipers. Apply the APARs that are appropriate to your environment.
Business Value:
Missing APARs can affect the operation or performance of your product.