This document will record the known problems with the z/OS media for CA Ideal for Datacom Version 15.1 Complete Release at the GA code level.
As any additional items are discovered, they will be included in this document.
This release is delivered as the "Complete Release/Version" for CA Datacom Core Products 15.1 for z/OS. All new features and maintenance introduced during the Incremental Release program have been incorporated into this "complete" release/version. See the Release Notes for a list of new features.
This document is divided into six sections:
z/OS New Install/Upgrade
Sites upgrading, may need to reset various options since the upgrade process will reset options to default values. Use the CA Ideal command PRINT SESSION OPTIONS to save a list of option values before the upgrade. Optionally, create a MEMBER to EXECUTE after the completed upgrade containing the commands to reset site options.
All published APARs for CA Ideal 15.1 should be applied after the SMP/E install and before executing the configuration steps. Please refer to Broadcom Support to download 15.1 solutions.
z/OS Maintenance
Refer to Special Action Required.
Customers using an Incremental Release should regularly apply all currently published maintenance for CA Ideal 15.1.
We recommend periodically running the SMP/E command REPORT ERRSYSMODS to see if any fixes applied may have recently been found to be in error. If that should occur, locate the correcting PTF and apply it.
New Functions, Features and Facilities
Incremental Releases do not deliver new functionality at the outset. New functionality is developed and published incrementally via PTFs.
INC00 - No new functionality.
Special Action Required for 15.1
CA Datacom Datadictionary must be up to version 15.0 or higher to provide the DOCUMENT entity new for CA Ideal 15.0. Sites using Datacom/AD with the CA Ideal Option for Db2 should refer to the instructions regarding upgrading from CA Datacom/AD 14.0 to 15.0 in the install documentation for CA Ideal 15.1.
Default module @ISTEXIT is no longer provided in CAILLOAD after Release 14.0. The sample Source Transport Utility STEXIT is provided in CAILSAMP. If your site uses a customized Source Transport EXIT for CA Librarian, the @ISTEXIT module can be copied into your 15.1 custom load library and will execute successfully with CA Ideal 15.1.
Sites using customized PMS tables (PMTBLS, PMSTRUC, PMSTRND, PMSTRNDK) should review tables currently in use. These PMS table modules may be copied to your CA Ideal/CA IPC CUSLIB for the current release.
Re-assembly is not required for this release of CA Ideal or CA IPC.
For documentation, please refer to Customizing the Panel Management Component.
Related z/OS Products Support for CA Ideal 15.1
  • CA IPC 15.1 is recommended for execution with CA Ideal 15.1. CA Ideal 15.1 requires CA IPC 15.0 or higher.
  • CA Ideal 15.1 requires CA Datacom/DB 15.0 or higher.
  • This requires the successful completion of the CA Datacom 14.0 to 15.0/15.1 Core Products upgrade, specifically including the Datadictionary upgrade portion that adds the new DOCUMENT entity-type.
  • Supported CICS releases are CICS Transaction Server 3.2 and higher releases currently supported by IBM. 
  • CA Ideal is supported for releases of z/OS that are supported by IBM.
CA Ideal 15.1 z/OS Documentation Updates
The complete set of CA Datacom Tools Products documentation is available in online at: 
You can also find the documentation by Web browser search using the phrase "CA Datacom Tools 15.1". Certain content is reserved to CA Datacom customers only. To access this private content, simply sign in using your CA Support Online credentials.
For additional information, see the CA Datacom/CA Ideal, CA IPC Maintenance Grid for z/OS.