README for CA IPC 15.1

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RI88866 - *
This document records the known problems with the z/OS media for CA IPC Version 15.1 Comple\te Release at the GA code level.
As any additional items are discovered, they will be included in this document.
This release is delivered as the "Complete Release/Version" for CA Datacom Tools Products 15.1 for z/OS. All new features and maintenance introduced during the Incremental Release program have been incorporated into this "complete" release/version. See the Release Notes for a list of the new features
This document is divided into six sections:
z/OS New Install/Upgrade
Sites that are upgrading may need to reset various options since the upgrade process will reset PSS and SCF options to default values. Use the PRINT SCREEN command to save the following displays:
ADRPNL members SCF#OPTIONS and PSS#OPTIONS are restored to default values by the upgrade. Since there are release dependent changes in 15.1, the prior release members cannot be used in your 15.1 ADRPNL. The PSS Destination Table needs to be rebuilt after ADROUT is initialized. CA Ideal sites should maintain a MEMBER with the
CREATE OUT DESTINATION commands to be executed after the upgrade.
CICS definitions have not changed for 15.1. CAVQSAMP member VQ15CSD uses the same GROUP and PROFILE names as CA IPC 15.0.
All published solutions for CA IPC 15.1 should be applied after the SMP/E install and before executing the configuration steps. Refer to Broadcom Support to download 15.1 solutions.
CA IPC 15.1 includes the 7 InterProduct Components (EDK, PDF, PMS, PSS, SCF, VLS and VPE) under a single FMID, CAVQF10 and FMID CAVQF15 for CICS specific CA IPC 15.1 modules. CA IPC 15.1 also provides FMID CAVQF16 for the MQ Transport Service component.
When installing using CSM, choose IPC 15.1 BASE install option to include only the first 2 FMIDs. Installing manually, only FMIDs CAVQF10 and CAVQF15 should be selected if MQTS is not required.
z/OS Maintenance
Refer to Special Action Required.
Customers using an Incremental Release should regularly apply all currently published maintenance for CA IPC 15.1.
We recommend periodically running the SMP/E command REPORT ERRSYSMODS to see if any fixes applied may have recently been found to be in error.
If that should occur, locate the correcting PTF and apply it.
New Functions, Features and Facilities
For the latest information and updates, see CA IPC New and Enhanced Features for 15.1 under Release Notes for 15.1. 
Special Action Required for 15.1
None as of 14 March 2016.
Related z/OS Products Support for CA IPC 15.1
  • CA IPC is supported for releases of z/OS that are supported by IBM.
  • Supported CICS release are CICS Transaction Server 3.2 and higher releases currently supported by IBM.
  • CA IPC 15.1 has been tested with CA Datacom/DB 15.0 and 15.1.
  • CA IPC 15.1 has been tested with CA Ideal 15.0 and 15.1.
CA IPC 15.1 z/OS Documentation Updates
Documentation is available in the new online format for "CA Datacom Tools":
For additional information, see the CA Datacom/CA Ideal, CA IPC Maintenance Grid for z/OS.