New Features for CA IPC

This release notes article explains the key features and details for CA IPC.
Use this link to view the PTF numbers for each new feature in this article. The PTFs are updated programmatically so you always have access to the current New Feature PTFs.
This release provides the following new features and enhancements for CA IPC:
Install Products Using z/OSMF
As products and vendors adopt z/OSMF services, you can install and maintain all your mainframe products in a common way according to industry best practices. After the configuration is complete, you can execute the product and easily provision new software instances for use on other systems throughout your environment. For more information, see Install Products Using z/OSMF.
SCF Transaction Table Processing
SCF Transaction Table processing is enhanced to separate user maintained transactions from the SC00TRAN assembled module to facilitate 24x7 operations for CA Ideal application environments. For more information, see SCF User-Maintained Transactions Table (SCUMTRAN) in CA Ideal.