Using Inter-Product Components (IPC)

Information about using inter-product components.
CA IPC enables product to product communication and collaboration.
comprise of the following components:
  • Virtual Library System (VLS)
    A library access method that stores panels, message members, control blocks, and user programs.
  • Virtual Processing Environment (VPE)
    Allows your products to run independent of the environment.
  • Session Control Facility (SCF)
    A task dispatcher that provides a variety of high-level services that process menus and PF keys, and handle commands.
  • Print Sub-System (PSS)
    A set of routines that provides system and network printing services for a variety of products.
  • Panel Management Services (PMS)
    A set of services that acquires, sends, receives, manages, and processes panels built using PDF and the fields contained in the panels.
  • Panel Definition Facility (PDF)
    A facility that builds the user panels and applications that PMS manages and processes at run-time.
  • Editor Kernel (EDK)
    A text editing facility.
The following products use components in
  • CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®
  • Datadictionary
  • CA Dataquery™ for CA Datacom®
  • CA Datacom® MetaCOBOL Support
A previous version of VPE had been delivered with CA Common Services for z/OS. To ensure that the correct code is accessed, concatenate the
library before the CA Common Services target load library in your batch and CICS JCL.