Limit Collection Activity

You can limit collection activity by plan name, SQL error, and thread-based keys (location name, correlation ID, and authorization ID).
You can limit collection activity by specifying filters for the following thread-based keys: location name, correlation ID, plan name, authorization ID, and connection type. You can apply these filters to the following statistics collection activities:
  • CA Detector® for DB2 for z/OS
    statistics collection
  • Dynamic SQL statistics collection
  • Additional keys statistics collection
  • Standard activity table/index statistics collection
  • Dynamic SQL table/index statistics collection
To limit your collection activity, add the appropriate filters to your CA Detector collection profile. You can then use these filters when you start the collection. If you start the collection through the product panels, specify your profile name and Plan Excl/Incl List=Y on the Start Collection Display. If you start the collection by using the START(DTR) command, specify the profile name and PLNX(Y) in the command.
Follow these steps:
  1. Select option
    (Maintain collect/report profiles) on the CA Detector Main Menu.
  2. Select option
    (View Collection Profiles).
  3. Type
    next to a profile name and press Enter.
    The View/Modify Application Groups panel appears.
  4. Type
    (Exclude) in the View Group Type field and press Enter.
  5. Select option
    (Collection Profile Plan Exclude/Include Group).
  6. Type
    (Select) in the ADD Entry field and press Enter.
  7. Specify your selection criteria in the Location Name, Correlation ID, Planname, Authid, and Connection Type fields. In the remaining fields, specify whether the selected data is included (Y) or excluded (N) for each collection activity. For more information about a field, press F1 to access the online help. Press Enter.
    A message confirms that the update was successful.
  8. Press F3.
    The new entry appears on the View/Modify Include/Exclude List Entries panel, showing your specified filter criteria.
  9. Repeat the previous steps to add more entries. You can also view, update, and delete existing entries.
  10. Press F3 (End) until you return to the product main menu.