The FROMLOGPOINT keyword specifies the LRSN from which the database or tablespace is recovered.
The FROMLOGPOINT keyword specifies the Log Record Sequence Number (LRSN) from which a database or tablespace in a data sharing environment is recovered. Use this keyword to specify the log starting point when you perform a log-only recovery after a point-in-time recovery outside of Db2. During the FROMLOGPOINT recovery, each log record LRSN is compared with the LRSN in the data page. If the log record LRSN is older than the data page LRSN, the recover job assumes it has already been applied and ignores the current log record.
Use FROMLOGPOINT with care. Data resulting from a partial recovery can be inconsistent.
This keyword denotes a partial log-only type of recovery. Do not specify the LOGONLY keyword with FROMLOGPOINT.
FROMLOGPOINT is omitted by default. If you include FROMLOGPOINT, specify an LRSN timestamp.
Specify only one FROMLOGPOINT for a RECOVER statement even when the statement includes multiple tablespaces.
FROMLOGPOINT is not valid with RECOVER INDEX. FROMLOGPOINT is not valid for an OBIDXLAT recovery. Use the STARTLOGPOINT keyword instead.
This keyword has the following format:
  • X'
    Specifies the log point as a hexadecimal number preceded by X and enclosed in single quotes. If the LRSN of a log record is
    or greater, that record is used in the recovery.