CA ADS Dialog Compiler (ADSC)

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The CA ADS dialog compiler is used to define dialogs for online and batch applications. Dialogs perform database retrieval and update, and any required processing within an application. Additionally, batch dialogs perform file input and output, and application processing.
When the definition is complete, the dialog is compiled and the resulting load module stored in the data dictionary. When using SQL, access modules are stored in the catalog component of the dictionary by the CA IDMS access module compiler.
Modification or deletion of dialog components do not change the existing dialog until the dialog is explicitly recompiled to create a new load module.
For more information about modifying dialogs, see the
CA ADS Using section
A dialog created by the dialog compiler can be associated with an application function or can stand alone as a structural unit in an application that consists only of dialogs. A dialog is associated with an application function by specifying the dialog name on the Response/Function List screen during an application compiler (ADSA) session.
Batch and Online Definition and Execution Modes
It is important not to confuse batch and online
modes with batch and online
modes. Batch dialogs and online dialogs can be
using the dialog compiler in online or batch mode. The dialog compiler, ADSC, is the online dialog definition tool. ADSOBCOM defines dialogs in batch mode. Once defined, dialogs can be
in a batch environment or an online environment.
Process Commands for Online and Batch
Process modules contained in dialogs can include process commands appropriate for online execution as well as commands designed exclusively for batch execution. The dialog compiler, when compiling a process module, accepts both types of commands, regardless of the environment of the dialog. This allows a process module to be used for both online and batch applications. If, however, the runtime system encounters a disallowed command or command parameter, the application abends.
Execution Mode
The environment in which a dialog can be executed depends on the map associated with it, as follows:
  • A dialog with an
    online map
    executes only in the online environment.
  • A dialog with a
    file map
    executes only in the batch environment.
  • A
    dialog executes in either environment.
This section contains the following topics: