The DCMT DISPLAY CTAB command displays the #CTABGEN DCMT Command Activity Assignments (#SECRTT macro/IDMSCTAD load module).
The DCMT DISPLAY CTAB command displays the #CTABGEN DCMT Command Activity Assignments (#CTABGEN macro/IDMSCTAD load module).
Key Benefit
The DCMT DISPLAY CTAB command allows the DBA to easily view existing definitions. Also, if the current source is lost or in question, this command provides a means to recover IDMSCTAD source syntax from the load module.
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─┘ ►─── Display CTAB ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────►◄
  • broadcast-parms
    Indicates to execute the DCMT command on all or a list of data sharing group members.
    For more information about broadcasting and
    syntax, see "How to Broadcast System Tasks" in the Using System Tasks section.
#CTABGEN Source Syntax Content Consideration
Security labels that are associated with activity numbers are not stored in the IDMSCTAB load module and do not appear in the #CTABGEN syntax.
The following example shows the IDMSCTAB load module:
DISPLAY CTAB #CTABGEN DCMT Command Activity Assignments The IDMSCTAB load module was created Apr 22 2019 07:56 All DCMT commands will be logged Code Activity DCMT Command N001 3 SHUTDOWN N002 3 ABORT N011 10 VARY DATABASE PROGRAM N025 10 VARY PROGRAM N025007 60 VARY STORAGE PROTECT ON N033 3 VARY MEMORY N040 251 DISPLAY REPLIES N041 13 DISPLAY/VARY/WRITE STATISTICS N042 14 DISPLAY JOURNAL N043 15 VARY JOURNAL N044 16 VARY UCF FETID N045 17 VARY UCF SYSTEM