DCMT DISPLAY DDS displays general information about the DDS network or about a particular DDS line or physical terminal. It also displays a DDSTCPIP type PTERM, if present.
DCMT DISPLAY DDS displays general information about the DDS network or about a particular DDS line or physical terminal. It also displays a DDSTCPIP type PTERM, if present.
This article includes the following information:
►►─── DCMT ─┬───────────────────┬─────────────────────────────────────────────►             └─ 
 ─┘  ►─── Display DDS ─┬────────────────────────────────────────┬─────────────────►◄                    ├─ LINe 
 ─────────────────────────┤                    └─ PTErm 
 ─┬───────┬─┘                                                   └─ ALL ─┘
  • broadcast-parms
    Indicates to execute the DCMT command on all or a list of data sharing group members.
    For more information about broadcasting and
    syntax, see the section How to Broadcast System Tasks.
  • DDS
    Displays information for each node currently connected to the DC/UCF system under which the command is issued.
    • LINe
      Displays information for each physical terminal associated with the specified DDS line.
      The ID of a line defined on the system generation LINE statement.
    • PTErm
      Displays information for the specified DDS physical terminal.
      The ID of a physical terminal defined on the system generation PTERM statement.
ALL (DDSTCPIP type PTERM only) Displays a list of all TCP/IP connections with its owning LTERM, the corresponding expiration time (if the connection is in the idle list only), and the local port used.
DCMT DISPLAY DDS displays the following information for each node currently connected to the DC/UCF system:
The line ID
A list of physical terminals associated with the line
Node Name
A list of node names associated with the physical terminal
The weight factor of the node
The block size of the node
DCMT DISPLAY DDS PTERM displays the following information for each physical terminal specified by name or by the DDS line with which it is associated:
Pterm Weight Factor
Weight factor
Pterm Blksize
Block size
Physical Term ID
Physical terminal ID
Physical LIne ID
Line ID
Number of Reads
Number of reads performed
Number of Writes
Number of writes performed
DDS Node Name(s)
A list of the nodes accessible through the physical terminal
DCMT DISPLAY DDS PTERM ddstcpip-pterm-id ALL displays global information and statistics about a specific DDSTCPIP type PTERM. The display includes the following PTERM definitions and run-time and ALL option information:
Value :ethd.
PTERM Definitions
PTERM name
Name of the DDS physical terminal
LTERM name
Name of the DDS logical terminal
Line name
Name of the line with which the physical terminal is associated
IP stack name
Job name of the TCP/IP stack in the local system
Target host
Host name of the target system
Target port
Target port number or service name
Port range
Range of port numbers
Maximum connections
Maximum number of active connections allowed from the local system
Permanent connections
Number of permanent connections between the host and the target systems
Idle interval
Time interval that the non-permanent connection stays in an idle state after the corresponding DDS request has finished
Run-time Information
Target IDMS node
Name of the CA IDMS node in the target (remote) system
Number connections requested
Number of DDS requests that have already been processed to the target system. Each DDS request is processed through one TCP/IP connection.
Number connections created
Number of connections that have been created to satisfy all the DDS requests
Number connections active
Number of connections currently active between the client system and the remote system
HWM connections in-use
Maximum number of connections that are processing DDS requests concurrently
Number connections found in permanent list/idle list
Number of times a free connection could be found in the permanent list or idle list to process a DDS request.
A small number in these fields in comparison with the value displayed for the Number connections created field indicates that you may want to increase the definitions for NUMber of PERmanent CONnections or IDLe INTerval parameters in SYSGEN.
Number retry for free port
Number of times the system had to retry to find a free port number from the port range defined at the PTERM level. This occurs only when a port from the port range is in use by another application in the system.
Number connections rejected
Number of times the creation of a connection has been rejected. A rejection is caused by one of the following:
The maximum number of active connections was reached
No free port could be found in the port range
A socket call error (usually returned after an error at the remote system)
ALL Option Information
TCP/IP connections
A type or list owning the connection as follows:
Control connection always describes the control connection between the local and remote systems. It is reserved for the system.
In-use list indicates that the corresponding LTERM is currently processing a DDS request.
Permanent list indicates that the corresponding connection is free and thus ready to be assigned to a LTERM to process a DDS request.
Idle list indicates that the corresponding connection has been freed and remains in the list for the number of seconds currently displayed in the Expiration time column. When the time has expired, the connection is closed.
Owning LTERM
Name of the LTERM owning the connection
Expiration time
This field applies only to connections belonging to the Idle list. It indicates the remaining time, in seconds, before the corresponding connection is closed. The maximum value for this field is the value assigned to the IDLe INTerval parameter in SYSGEN.
Local port
Port number used at the local side of the connection
The following examples show theDCMT DISPLAY DDS commands:
   ***     Display DDS     ***   Line     PTerm          Node Name  Weight    BLKSIZE DDSVTAM   PDDSVT99                        20      8192           PDDSVT73                        20      8192           PDDSVT74        SYSTEM74        20      8192           PDDSVT71                        20      8192   Line     PTerm          Node Name TCPIP     SY71CA31        SYSTEM71           SY73CA31           SY74CA31
DISPLAY DDS PTERM PDDSVT74    PTerm Weight Factor        20    PTerm BLKSIZE            8092    Physical Term ID     PDDSVT74    Physical Line ID     DDSVTAM    Number of Reads       0000000    Number of Writes      0000000    DDS Node Name(s):         SYSTEM74
PTERM definitions                         Run-time information ======================================    ====================================== PTERM name                    SY71CA31    Target IDMS node              SYSTEM71 LTERM name                    SY71CA31    Number connections requested        54 Line name                     SOCKET      Number connections created           4 IP stack name                 *DEFAULT    Number connections active            4 Target host                   USILCA31    HWM connections in-use               4 Target port                       3771    Number connections found in Port range                         OFF      * permanent list                  45 Maximum connections                OFF      * idle list                        5 Permanent connections                1    Number retry for free port           0 Idle interval                       60    Number connections rejected                                             * max connection                   0                                             * no free port                     0                                             * socket error                     0 TCP/IP connections  Owning LTERM  Expiration time  Local port ==================  ============  ===============  ========== Control connection    SY71CA31           n/a           2138 In-use list           LD000001           n/a           2152 Permanent list        SY71CA31           n/a           2161 Idle list             SY71CA31            45           2165