Observe the distribution of available space for storage with the DCMT DISPLAY FREE STORAGE command. The command analyzes storage utilization in the storage pools and categorizes the available storage space by size.
►─── DCMT ─┬───────────────────┬─────────────────────────────────────────────► └─ broadcast-parms ─┘ ►─── Display FRee STorage poolid ─┬───────────────────────┬────────────────►◄ ├─ storage-pool-number ─┤ └─ all ◄────────────────┘
  • broadcast-parms
    Indicates to execute the DCMT command on either all or on a list of data-sharing group members.
  • storage-pool-number
    Specifies the storage pool. The value for storage-pool-number must be the numerical ID of a storage pool that is defined on the system generation STORAGE POOL, XA STORAGE POOL, or SYSTEM statements.
  • all
    By default, if you do not specify a number, DC/UCF displays all storage pools.
This command displays free storage information for each storage pool that is defined at system generation time. The information is displayed in two sections: Free Storage Analysis and Free Storage Distribution.
When you include a specific pool ID, free storage information for that pool ID only is displayed. The distribution of free storage areas is categorized by the following ranges: < 4K,  4-8K,  8-16K,  16-32K, 32-64K, 64-128K, 128-256K, 256-512K, 512-1024K, 1024-2048K, 2048-4096K, 4096-8192K, and  > 8192K
The reports can be generated either with or without the monitor being active.
Example Report Showing Analysis and Storage Distribution
Example Reports Showing Information for Specific Pool IDs