DCPROFIL System Task

The DCPROFIL task displays system information, such as some installation options, system resource usage, the system exits used, the CA ADS and CA OLQ configurations, and the optional APARs currently applied.
The DCPROFIL task displays system information, such as some installation options, system resource usage, the system exits used, the CA ADS and CA OLQ configurations, and the optional APARs currently applied.
This article describes the following information:
DCPROFIL System Task Syntax
►►─── DCPROFIL ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────►◄
TAPE:                 GJJ02I            NUMBER OF SCTS:        0006                                         OPERATING SYSTEM:      z/OS   ZIIP=Y                                         zIIP ENGINES:          0004 SYSTEM TRACE:            NO             TRACE SAVE:  OFF  (DDLDCLOG)   CWA SIZE:         0000005000            DMCL TABLE:          CVDMCL                                           PRIMARY STORAGE SCRATCH HWM       0000000005            PROTECT KEY:             04   SIZE OF XA                              ACTIVE TRANSACTION STORAGE AREA:     0040861696            COUNT:                 0015   QUEUE AREA                              SECURITY LOW PAGE:         0000040001            SECURITY SYSTEM: CA TOP SECRET HIGH PAGE:        0000041000            SIGNON SECURITY: OFF   DC VERSION ID:          0072            SVC NUMBER:             173   USER TRACE BUFFERS:     0500            GETMAIN SUBPOOL:        001               PAGE 00001 - NEXT PAGE: SYSTEM SHORT ON STORAGE:      NO        SHORT ON ONE OR MORE RESOURCES:   NO MAX TASKS CONDITION EXISTS:   NO        SHORT ON RLES:                    NO SYSTEM STORAGE PROTECTED:     YES       SHORT ON RCES:                    NO HPSPO ENABLED:                YES       SHORT ON DPES:                    NO TRACING TURNED ON:            NO        VECTOR TIMING ENABLED:            NO STACK CHECKING TURNED ON:     YES       WAITING FOR ERUS QUIESCE:         NO 64-BIT ADDRESSING SUPPORTED:  YES       KEPT RESOURCE TIMEOUT OCCURRED:   NO TIMER SUPPORTED:              NO        USER TRACE WANTED:                YES SYSTEM BEING QUIESCED:        NO        DDLDCRUN AREA AVAILABLE:          YES RUN THIS TASK ONLY:           NO        XA CAPABLE OPERATING SYSTEM:      YES REENTRANT SNAPS WANTED:       NO        31-BIT AMODE SUPPORTED:           YES LE/370 SUPPORTED:             YES       SYSTEM SNAPS DISABLED:            NO INIT. OF DC DONE:             YES       SYSTEM SNAPS PHOTOS DISABLED:     NO PAGE RELEASE ENABLED:         YES       TASKS SNAPS DISABLED:             NO DC RUNNING AUTHORIZED:        NO        TASKS SNAPS PHOTOS DISABLED:      NO ONLINE RESOURCE LIMITS:       YES       STATISTICS DRIVEN BY TIMER:       NO EXTERNAL RESOURCE LIMITS:     NO        STATISTICS FOR EACH TASK:         YES ONLINE LIMITS ENABLED:        YES       STATISTICS COLLECTED BY TRANSACT: YES EXTERNAL LIMITS ENABLED:      NO        STATISTICS WRITTEN PER TASK:      NO ANY RESOURCE LIMITS:          YES       STATISTICS FOR EACH LINE:         NO ANY LIMITS ENABLED:           YES       STATISTICS FOR USER MODE:         YES LOG GOES TO DATABASE:         YES       STATISTICS GO TO DATABASE:        NO                 PAGE 00002 - NEXT PAGE:                                 * CURRENT SVC * SVC NUMBER (#SVCOPT):         174       CV NUMBER (CENTRAL VERSION #):      203 SVC NAME:                     IDMSMSVC  SVC COMPILE DATE:              20140806 SVC RELEASE:                  19.0      SVC COMPILE TIME:                 15.49 SVC FMID:                     CAGJJ00   SVC PTF:                            N/A                                 * SVC OPTIONS * AUTHREQ:                      NO        CVKEY:                        UNSECURED SMF:                          YES       SVCXLEN (ERE Extension length):   00112                                 * SVC CV TABLE * CV LIST:                      203 -209 210                 PAGE 00003 - NEXT PAGE:                               * SYSTEM/USER EXITS * EXIT                            CALL             NEED TO           ENTRY POINT/ NUMBER     DEFINED     MODE     CONVENTIONS      LOAD    AMODE     MODULE NAME     017      YES         SYSTEM   DC             NO        ANY       002ECAA4   018      YES         SYSTEM   DC             NO        ANY       002ECB00               PAGE 00004 - NEXT PAGE:                              * Named User Exits * EXIT                   ENTRY              EXIT                   ENTRY NAME       DEFINED     POINT              NAME       DEFINED     POINT BTCIDXIT   NO          00000000           DBLUEREX   NO          00000000 IDDEXITB   NO          00000000           IDDEXITO   NO          00000000 IDMSAJNX   NO          00000000           IDMSCLCX   NO          00000000 IDMSDPLX   NO          00000000           IDMSIOXT   NO          00000000 IDMSIOX2   NO          00000000           IDMSJNL2   NO          00000000 SCHEXITB   NO          00000000           SCHEXITO   NO          00000000 SGNEXITB   NO          00000000           SGNEXITO   NO          00000000 SUBEXITB   NO          00000000           SUBEXITO   NO          00000000 TCKREXIT   NO          00000000           USRIDXIT   NO          00000000 WAITEXIT   NO          00000000           WTOEXIT    NO          00000000 WTOREXIT   NO          00000000               PAGE 00005 - NEXT PAGE:                                   *  R C E  *   ALLOCATED             IN USE                THRESHOLD             FREE   0000002945            0000000267            0000002925            0000002678               TYPE      # IN USE            DESCRIPTION               00        0000002678          UNALLOCATED             01        0000000080          STORAGE             02        0000000164          PROGRAM             03        0000000000          FILE CONTROL ELEMENT             04        0000000001          SCRATCH ELEMENT             05        0000000000          INTERNAL RUN-UNIT ALLOC.             06        0000000000          QUEUE ELEMENT             07        0000000000          CHUNK TO DUMP, TASK ABND             08        0000000000          MESSAGE QUEUE ELEMENT             09        0000000000          SIGNON ELEMENT             10        0000000000          ENQUEUE ELEMENT             11        0000000004          SINGLE THRD. RES. ELEM.             12        0000000000          ECBID ELEMENT             13        0000000001          MSG. DICT QUEUE ELEMENT             14        0000000015          IDMS RUN UNIT             15        0000000002          INTERVAL CONTROL ELEMENT             16        0000000000          BLL LIST (COBOL SUPPORT)             17        0000000000          BLAST MESSAGE BUFFER             FF        0000000000          UNINITIALIZED RCE TYPE               PAGE 00006 - NEXT PAGE:                              * ADSO CONTROL BLOCK *   MENU PROC. PRG. TASK     ADS            MAIN PROC. TASK CODE     ADS2 AUTO DIALOG NAME                        PRIMARY REC. BUFF SZ     0000004084 SECOND. REC. BUFF SZ     0000004084     INTRNL. TASK CDE TCF     ADS2T FAST MODE THRESHOLD      NO             THRESHOLD FOR SCRTCH     0000000000 MAX. LINK LEVEL          0010           STAT. DEF. REC. VRSN     0001 USER MENU ONLY           YES            KEEP MENU IN SCRATCH     NO AUTOSTATUS = YES         YES            AUTOSTATUS MANDATORY     NO STAT. DEF. MANDATORY     NO             BYPASS DIAG. SCREEN      NO MAPOUT NEWPAGE REQ.      NO             RELOCATABLE STORAGE      NO ACTIVITY LOGGING         YES            DIAGLOG STATS. COLL.     NO SELECTED DIALOG STAT     NO             COBOL MOVE               NO STATS. CHKPOINT CNT.     0000           STORAGE MODE CALC.       NO COMMENT DELIMITER        ! STATUS DEF. REC NAME     ADSO-STAT-DEF-REC               PAGE 00007 - NEXT PAGE:                              * OLQ CONTROL BLOCK *   PRINT LINE SIZE             0080        PRINT PAGE SIZE             0060 INTERRUPT COUNT             0100        INTERNAL STG PAGE SIZE      1920 REPORT FILE PAGE SIZE       4000        INPUT LINE SIZE             0004 REPORT RETENTION            0001        MAXIMUM REPORT RETENTION    0005 MAXIMUM REPORT PAGES        0030        MAXIMUM REPORTS COUNT       0005 USER QUEUE RETENTION        0000        USER MENU MODE DISALLOWED   NO USER MENU MODE ONLY         NO          USER UPLOW CASE             NO USER SECURITY - HIGH        NO          USER SECURITY - LOW         NO USER SECURITY - NO          NO          CONTINUATION CHARACTER      - SEPARATOR CHARACTER         !           COMMENT CHARACTER           ; TRANSACTIONS IDENTIFIER     OLQ         PFKEY MODULE NAME MAX INTERRUPT COUNT         0000        REPORT DICTIONARY NAME MAX SORT SPACE IN K BYTES   0040        BATCH CLASS                 0000                PAGE 00008 - NEXT PAGE:                               * STARTUP OPTIONS *            OS ROUTE CODES                             00000000          ATTACH TCKR AND CHKR FROM STEPLIB          YES          ATTACH STARTUP AUTOTASKS                   YES          LENGTH OF ABEND STORAGE IN WORDS           3000          MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TASKS                    0136          LENGTH OF TCE STACK IN WORDS               3000          RUNAWAY TASK TIME INTERVAL                 0120          INACTIVE TASK TIME INTERVAL                0300          DUMP REQUESTED ON SYSTEM ABEND             YES          SYSTEM IS MP                               YES          ALTERNATE STORAGE KEY                      09          TICKER INTERVAL IN SECONDS * 100           0000000100          INTERVAL IN SECONDS FOR STATISTICS         0000          KEPT RESOURCES TIMEOUT INTERVAL            NONE          KEPT RESOURCES TIMEOUT PROGRAM             RHDCBYE          KEPT RESOURCES TIMEOUT PROGRAMS VERSION    0001          NUMBER OF STORAGE PAGES                    0000000203          NUMBER OF PAGES IN STORAGE CUSHION         0000000000          NUMBER OF PAGES IN PROGRAM POOL            0000000125          RENT. PGM. POOL SIZE IN 512 BYTE BLOCKS    0000004000          XA PROGRAM POOL SIZE IN 4K PAGES           0000000125          XA RENT. PGM POOL SIZE IN 512 BYTE BLKS    0000024000          SCRATCH IN XA STORAGE                      YES               PAGE 00009 - NEXT PAGE: ** OPTION FLAGS (RHDCOPTF) **                 PAGE 00010 - NEXT PAGE:                              * Product Intent Status * CA IDMS Core Products                     CA IDMS Tools Products ---------------------                     ---------------------- CA ADS                             YES    CA ADS Alive                       YES CA ADS Batch                       YES    CA ADS Trace                       YES CA ADS APPC                        YES    CA IDMS/DB Analyzer                YES CA IDMS CMS Option                 YES    CA IDMS/DB Audit                   YES CA IDMS DDS                        YES    CA IDMS/DB Extractor               YES CA IDMS Dictionary Loader          YES    CA IDMS/DB Reorg                   YES CA EDP Auditor                     YES    CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator        YES CA ICMS                            YES    CA IDMS DML Online                 YES CA CULPRIT for CA IDMS             YES    CA IDMS Dictionary Module Editor   YES CA IDMS/DB                         YES    CA IDMS Dictionary Query Facility  YES CA IDMS/DC                         YES    CA IDMS Enforcer                   YES CA OLQ                             YES    CA IDMS Journal Analyzer           YES CA IDMS/TP Monitor                 YES    CA IDMS Log Analyzer               YES CA IDMS Performance Monitor        YES    CA IDMS Masterkey                  YES CA IDMS Presspack                  YES    CA IDMS Online Log Display         YES CA IDMS Server                     YES    CA IDMS SASO                       YES CA IDMS SQL                        YES    CA IDMS Schema Mapper              YES CA IDMS UCF                        YES    CA IDMS/DC Sort                    YES                                           CA IDMS Task Analyzer              YES   CA IDMS Transparency Options              CA Endevor/DB for IDMS ----------------------------              ---------------------- CA IDMS DBOMP Transparency         YES    CA Endevor/DB for CA IDMS          YES               PAGE 00011 - NEXT PAGE: CA IDMS DLI Transparency           YES CA IDMS TOTAL Transparency         YES CA IDMS VSAM Transparency          YES V72  ENTER NEXT TASK CODE:      CA IDMS release 18.0 tape GJI00B node SYSTEM72               PAGE 00012 - NEXT PAGE:
Explanation of the SVC CV Table
The SVC CV table displays a list of CVs by number that are currently utilizing the SVC.
A dash preceding the CV number indicates that the CV has abended or shutdown abnormally, and the CSA storage for these CVs is not free. When this happens, recycle the CV with a clean shutdown to remove the entry from the list, and to free up CSA storage. 
Before you refresh a new SVC, all CVs should be removed from the list.
Explanation of zIIP Values
There are four possible values for the zIIP= display, as follows:
  • zIIP=Y: zIIP processing is currently active.
  • zIIP=N: zIIP processing is not active. The IDMS CV was started with zIIP=N.
  • zIIP=S: zIIP processing is no longer active. RHDCOESA or another nucleus module was loaded from an unauthorized load library.
  • zIIP=V: zIIP processing is varied offline through a DCMT Vary zIIP OFF command.
  • zIIP=U: zIIP processing is suspended as a result of the loading of a program from an unauthorized load library. Program types include:
    • SQL procedures
    • User Exits
    • Database procedures
    • IDMS Nucleus modules