CA Online Query for CA IDMS

Information about CA Online Query (CA OLQTM).
CA Online Query (CA OLQTM) is a query tool and report writer used to retrieve information from a CA IDMS/DB database or other external files.
With CA OLQ command mode, you can do the following:
  • Set up the CA OLQ environment to suit your needs (system management commands)
  • Retrieve information from a CA IDMS/DB database
  • Build report files based on information retrieved (report output commands)
  • Perform sorts, computations, and functions on report files (report formatting commands and built-in functions)
  • Create and save sequences of CA OLQ commands for regular use (qfile commands)
    A sequence of CA OLQ commands saved in the data dictionary is called a query file and referred to in this manual as a qfile. In some earlier releases, qfiles were referred to as express routines in menu mode.
  • Create and retrieve from stored tables (table processing commands)
  • Run jobs in batch mode (CA OLQ batch commands)
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