Navigational DML Programming Reference

Information about navigational DML programming.
Navigational DML programming refers to the following items:
  • Programming navigational access to a CA IDMS database
  • Programming CA IDMS applications in COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler
  • Testing and debugging
  • Topics of interest to advanced programmers
This information is for the developer of batch applications that access a non-SQL defined CA IDMS database, and for the developer of applications that execute in a DC system and may or may not access a CA IDMS database.
All programming examples are shown in COBOL. For specific information regarding PL/I or Assembler, see PL/I Considerations or Assembler Considerations.
The term CA IDMS refers to any one of the following CA IDMS components:
  • CA IDMS/DB: The database management system
  • CA IDMS/DC: The data communications system and proprietary teleprocessing monitor
  • DC/UCF: The universal communications facility for accessing CA IDMS database and data communications services through another teleprocessing monitor, such as CICS
  • CA IDMS DDS: The distributed database system
The terms DB, DC, UCF, and DDS are used to identify the specific CA IDMS component only when it is important for your understanding of the product. References to DC apply equally to UCF unless otherwise noted.
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