GRANT Administration Privilege 1

Gives one or more users or groups DBADMIN privilege on a specified database.
Gives one or more users or groups DBADMIN privilege on a specified database.
GRANT Administration Privilege Authorization
To grant DBADMIN privilege, you must hold one of these privileges:
  • DBADMIN on the database
You must be connected to the system dictionary when you issue the statement.
GRANT Administration Privilege Syntax
 ──────────────────────────────────────►             ┌─────────────── , ──────────────┐  ►─── TO ─▼─┬─ PUBLIC ───────────────────┬─┴──────────────────────────────────►◄             └─ 
GRANT Administration Privilege Parameters
    Specifies that you are giving DBADMIN privilege on the database identified in the ON parameter to the users or groups identified in the TO parameter.
  • ON DB
    Specifies the database to which DBADMIN privilege applies.
    refers to either the name of a segment or a database name entry in the database name table.
    DBADMIN controls access to database resources. A user with DBADMIN privilege can grant and revoke privileges for the specified database. DBADMIN privilege also allows users to maintain physical database definitions in the dictionary identified by
    For more information on the DBADMIN privilege, see Securing Database Resources.
    You can wildcard
    For more information on wildcarding, see Using a Wildcard.
  • TO
    Specifies the users or groups to whom you are giving DBADMIN privilege.
    Specifies all users.
    If you grant DBAMIN to group PUBLIC, any user can administer security on the database.
  • authorization-identifier
    Identifies a user or group.
Expanded syntax for
is presented in Notes on Security Statement Syntax.
Granting DBADMIN to the DBA
The following statement grants DBADMIN privilege on database GLDB to the DBA group ID:
grant dbadmin   on db gldb   to dba_gldb;
GRANT Administration Privilege More Information
For more information
about revoking DBADMIN privilege
, see REVOKE Administration Privilege.