Online System Modification

How to Modify an Entity Definition Online
How to Modify an Entity Definition Online
You can modify an entity definition online:
  1. Use the DISPLAY or PUNCH verb to display the entity definition as syntax
    . The DISPLAY and PUNCH verbs are described under 4.6, "Displaying and Punching Entities".
  2. Modify the definition by typing over the displayed syntax
    . You can make changes to the entire work file by scrolling through the file and by using the top-line command APPLY (or a control key associated with the APPLY command) to apply the changes to the files without submitting the syntax to the compiler.
  3. Submit the modified syntax to the compiler by using the top-line command UPDATE
     (or a control key associated with the UPDATE command).
The top-line commands are documented in the 
CA IDMS Common Facilities section
When you update an entity definition online, you can verify your modifications before you enter the GENERATE command by using DISPLAY CHANGES. 
Considerations when Modifying a System Online
When modifying a system online, the following considerations apply:
  • Be sure that currency is established on the correct system before submitting the modified syntax to the compiler. If necessary, you can insert an ADD or MODIFY SYSTEM statement into the work file to establish the appropriate currency.
    For more information about system currency, see Currency.
  • Be sure that all syntax to be resubmitted to the compiler is in syntax, not comment, format. You can use the space bar to remove the *+ from syntax lines that are displayed as comments.
  • Entity definitions are displayed as ADD statements. Be sure to change ADD to the appropriate verb before submitting the modified syntax to the compiler.
    If the processing options for the session specify DEFAULT IS ON, the compiler changes ADD statements for existing entities to MODIFY statements. You use the SET OPTIONS statement to establish processing options for a session.
    For more information about the SET OPTIONS statement, see SET OPTIONS Statement.
  • All system generation statements in the work file (not just the displayed statements) are processed when the UPDATE command is executed. Be sure to erase any statements that you do not want to resubmit to the compiler.
  • Be sure to submit VALIDATE and GENERATE statements, as appropriate, for the systems that you modify. VALIDATE (VALIDATE Statement) and GENERATE (GENERATE Statement) are described under Compiler-Directive Statements.