Includes steps to acquire, install, deploy, and configure your product.
Standard SMP/E installation and maintenance best practices are used to install and maintain
mainframe z/OS products. The installation process includes all the tasks that are typically performed by a systems programmer to acquire the products and make them ready for use in a production environment. 
You can install
mainframe product software using native IBM® z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM), or native SMP/E batch processing.
z/OSMF installation is
available for every product.
z/OSMF and CA CSM are intuitive web-based tools that automate and simplify many installation activities on z/OS systems. These applications also make obtaining and applying corrective, preventive, and recommended maintenance easier.
The following graphic provides a high-level overview of the installation process for
mainframe products:
This image shows the workflow for a system programmer to prepare for installation by addressing prerequisite software, security, and other requirements; and then acquire, install, and configure products and maintenance using z/OSMF, CA Chorus Software Manager, or native SMP/E JCL.
These steps are described in the following procedure:
  1. Prepare for the installation by reviewing best practices and verifying that the software, hardware, security, and other installation requirements have been met.
  2. Acquire the product software using
    of the following methods:
    • From
      Broadcom Support
      , download a z/OSMF (filename.zOSMF.pax.Z) or classic (filename.pax.Z) package.
      Only one can be selected.
      If a z/OSMF package is not available, select the classic package. A z/OSMF package is
      available for all products.
    • From CA CSM, select a classic package from the product list.
      You cannot acquire a z/OSMF portable package from CA CSM
  3. Perform an SMP/E installation to install the product software using
    of the following methods:
    • If you downloaded a z/OSMF package from
      Broadcom Support
      , install using z/OSMF Deployments.
    • If you downloaded a classic package from
      Broadcom Support
      , use
      of the following options:
      • Install using native SMP/E JCL
      • Install using CA CSM
    • If you downloaded a classic package from CA CSM, start the installation process from the
      SMP/E Environments
      tab in CA CSM.
  4. Install maintenance using z/OSMF Software Update, SMP/E JCL, or CA CSM.
    We recommend that you use SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval to download and receive maintenance. This service lets you acquire maintenance on demand and to schedule an SMP/E job to run as needed. The SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval can reduce hours of maintenance time to just minutes, making your system programmers more productive and allowing them to focus on higher value tasks. We also recommend that you migrate existing CSIs to z/OSMF and then use z/OSMF Software Update to manage software updates.
  5. Finalize the installation:
    • Configure your product.
    • Deploy your product.
    For these tasks, use the methods that your product supports and in the preferred sequence per your site.