Maintain Products Using z/OSMF Software Update

Learn how to maintain products using z/OSMF Software Update.
As a systems programmer, you are responsible for keeping your systems current with product maintenance to ensure optimal system usage. To do so, use IBM z/OSMF Software Update. Software Update provides an easy to follow wizard that guides systems programmers of all levels through the maintenance process. z/OSMF Software Update offers a modern approach to software maintenance and provides the following features:
  • Corrective Service
    Installs a software update to fix an issue.
  • Preventive Service
    Installs vendor-recommended software updates.
    Installs software updates (Fix Categories) that provide a new function to a system.
We continue to support
Version 6.0 and Release 6.1. However, we are not adding new features to
. We recommend that you use z/OSMF Software Update to apply maintenance to z/OS software.


Ensure that you meet the following software requirements before you use Software Update:
  • Configure z/OSMF as described in the IBM Knowledge Center and address the z/OSMF security requirements for
    Top Secret
    , or IBM RACF as applicable.
  • Apply all z/OSMF Software Update related maintenance from IBM.
  • Register your SMP/E environments (CSIs) in z/OSMF Software Management. For more information, see Software Management task in the IBM documentation.
    A migration tool is provided to help you register existing
    and non-CSM CSIs as new software instances in z/OSMF. For more information about the migration tool, see the knowledge base article on
    Broadcom Support
  • Receive all PTFs, HOLDDATA, and
    . For more information, see Configure SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval.
    You can install only SYSMODs that are already received in the GLOBAL zone of the CSI.

Use Software Update

Log in to your instance of z/OSMF and click the
Software Update
icon on the desktop. If the
Software Update
icon does not appear on the desktop, open the App Center in the bottom-left corner.
You can now maintain software instances, using the z/OSMF Software Update functionality. For more information on how to use Software Update, see Software Update in the IBM documentation.