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Spool File must be Closed to Print
Spool File must be Closed to Print
An CA IDBGQ. system can include one or more lines for spooled output; such lines are defined in the system generation with a type of SYSOUTL. Reports sent to the spool file for a SYSOUTL line are not printed until the file is closed. The spool file is closed when the SYSOUTL line driver is disabled (for example, at CA IDBGQ. system shutdown) or when a CP command to close the file is issued from the CA IDBGQ. operator's console.
Exit 21 for Printing
To print spooled output upon completion of each report, you can use user exit 21. Exit 21 is called by the SYSOUTL line driver after the last line of a report is written to the spool file. A CP SPOOL PRINT CLOSE command issued by the exit routine causes the report to be printed. If appropriate, the exit routine can reroute the spool file (for example, through RSCS) before closing the file.
Parameter Obtains Routing Information
The SYSOUTL line driver passes one parameter to the exit routine. This parameter, which is the address of the physical terminal element (PTE) associated with the line, can be used to obtain additional information about the report for routing purposes. The PTE points to the logical terminal element (LTE), which points to the report element (RPE). The RPE contains such information as the report identifier and the number of copies to be printed.
For the layouts of the PTE, LTE, and RPE, refer to the CA IDDSE.
Sample Exit 21 Routine
The sample exit routine for user exit 21 is provided on the integrated installation tape used to install CA IDBGJ.. During installation, the routine is offloaded onto the A disk as file EXIT21 ASSEMBLE A. Also provided on the tape is an EXEC that can be used to change the sample exit routine. The EXEC is offloaded onto the A disk as file CAE5UX21 EXEC A.
Steps to Change User Exit 21
To change user exit 21 follow these steps:
  1. Modify the #DEFXIT macro for exit 21 in the RHDCUX21 source module stored in the CA IDBGJ. MACLIB library
  2. Run the CAE5UX21 EXEC