Install the REST API

The CA IDMS REST API is built on the representational state transfer (REST) architecture, except for some services that are based on Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol.
The following information provides prerequisites for using the CA IDMS REST API feature component. After downloading the API software package from Broadcom Support, install it in a UNIX Systems Services (USS) environment.
After you have installed it, see the "Use the CA IDMS REST API" section for details about how to access the IDMS services.
Before you install the IDMS REST API, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:
  • CA IDMS Server
    Your CA IDMS system is configured to receive TCP/IP traffic from the CA IDMS JDBC driver, which is embedded within the CA IDMS Rest API. For more information, see Configure Your CA IDMS System to Use TCP/IP.
  • CA IDMS SQL feature
    The SQL feature is installed on your CA IDMS system and at least one DB name contains the catalog segments that are needed for SQL access. For more information, see Adding-on CA IDMS SQL.
  • CA IDMS Visual DBA Release 18.0 or above
    Your CA IDMS system is configured for use with CA IDMS Visual DBA. The SQL definitions that are needed for VDBA usage must be installed on each catalog. For more information, see SQL Definitions for CA IDMS Visual DBA.
  • CA IDMS Release 19.0 with PTFs applied
    • IDMS PTF SO12292
      The Dynamic Storage Pool Expansion Feature PTF addresses an issue with storage protection. (The Dynamic Storage Pool Expansion functionality does not need to be enabled to use the CA IDMS REST API.)
    • IDMS PTF SO13345
      The PTF corrects addressing exceptions that can occur when external run unit tasks are among those being monitored.
  • 90 MB of available disk space on USS
    The expanded TAR (Tape Archive) file requires approximately 90 MB of disk space. To reclaim space, you can delete the TAR file after it has been expanded.
  • z/OS version 2.2 or above
  • Java 8 or above
Additional Prerequisites for Performance Metrics Services
To use the Performance Metrics services, you must have an external security manager (ESM) configured and the IDMSINFO address space must be running. 
Using the REST API
For information about using the REST API, see Using the REST API.