Integrate the REST API with the API Mediation Layer

The API Mediation Layer consolidates mainframe RESTful API services, including the CA IDMS REST API, at a single, secure point of access.
It offers a cloud-like experience through high-availability, scalability, dynamic discovery, and provides API documentation of services registered with it. For more information about the Mediation Layer, see Zowe API ML.
Integration with the API Mediation Layer is optional. You can still use the IDMS REST API without the API Mediation Layer. However, integration with the API Mediation Layer provides additional benefits to your API service.
You can deploy the CA IDMS REST API either with or without the API Mediation Layer.
Install the API Mediation Layer
Download the API Mediation Layer package by using one of the following methods:
  • Acquire the API Mediation Layer installation pax file as part of the CA Brightside Enterprise software package (release 2.0) from CA support online under
    Download Management
    . For installation instructions, see the CA Brightside API Mediation Layer documentation.
  • Acquire the API Mediation Layer as part of the Zowe open source project. For more information, see the Zowe documentation.
Integrate with the API Mediation Layer
Integrate the IDMS REST API with the API Mediation Layer to make the REST API discoverable and available in the API Catalog.
Follow these steps:
  1. Configure certificates to enable an HTTPS connection between the REST API and the API Mediation Layer. For documentation about this procedure, see Certificate Management in Zowe API Mediation Layer.
  2. Update the following settings in the application.yml file:
    /etc/application.yml where
    is the directory in the USS file system where the product is installed.
    1. Set
    2. Change the setting for
      to a unique service ID.
    3. Set
      to the host name and the IP address of your server, respectively. You can keep the setting
      for development purposes if the API Mediation Layer is running on the same server.
    4. Set
      to the URL of the API Mediation Layer Discovery Service. You can keep
      if the API Mediation Layer is running on the same server and is using the default port
      for the Discovery Service.
      The following examples show how to set the values in either the yml file or from the command line.
      Example of values set in the etc/application.yml file
      apiml: enabled: true service: serviceId: caidms hostname: localhost ipAddress: discoveryServiceUrls: - https://localhost:10011/eureka `
  3. Verify that the integration is successful. Go to the API Catalog home page and ensure that the CA IDMS API service is displayed.
You can now access the IDMS REST API service through the API Mediation Layer. This integration makes your service details such as availability status and API documentation available through the API Catalog, enables you to run multiple service instances to ensure high-availability, and lets you change the service IP location without affecting the REST API client communication.