Build and Maintain IDMS COBOL Applications with VSCode or Eclipse Che

Work on IDMS COBOL applications in your preferred development environment with the IDMS COBOL language support extension for VSCode or Eclipse Che.
COBOL Language Support is a free extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) that is published by Broadcom. The extension supports building and maintaining IDMS COBOL applications outside of your mainframe environment.
The extension enhances the COBOL programming experience in your development environment by using the language server protocol (LSP) to provide autocomplete and syntax highlighting and coloring. The extension also provides diagnostic features for COBOL code and IDMS statements.
  • Syntax highlighting and coloring
    -- The extension enables syntax highlighting for COBOL code and IDMS statements. Contrasting colors in the displayed code make it easy to distinguish keywords, variables, and paragraphs.
    Screen capture showing syntax coloring and highlighting.
  • Autocomplete
    -- Autocomplete speeds up the coding process by intuitively suggesting the most likely variables or paragraphs to follow existing code. The extension recognizes the IDMS COBOL DML and provides live suggestions while you type for keywords, variables, paragraphs, and more.
    Screen capture showing the autocomplete function.
  • Syntax and semantic check for code
    -- This feature checks for mistakes and errors in COBOL code. See suggested fixes through the syntax and semantic analysis feature, which returns diagnostics on the entire context of the code, not just key words.
  • IDMS Copybook Support
    -- The extension supports CA IDMS copybooks that are used in your source code and stored locally. To enable CA IDMS copybook support, in the workspace settings specify the folders and data sets that contain IDMS copybooks that are used in your project. For instructions, see
The extension supports the IDMS COBOL DML statements. (The extension does not support LRF or SQL DML statements.) For more information about IDMS COBOL and DML statements, see the following topics in the CA IDMS Reference documentation:
Find Out More and Download the Extension
To get more information or to download the extension, see COBOL Language Support at the Visual Studio Marketplace.
COBOL Language Support is also part of Code4z, a VSCode extension pack that offers a modern experience for mainframe application developers working with z/OS. For more information and to download, see Code4z.