Integrate with Zowe CLI

The CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI lets you interact with CA IDMS through Zowe CLI, a client command-line interface.
Zowe CLI is a command-line interface that lets users interact with the mainframe in a familiar format. The CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI provides the ability to execute and automate CA IDMS commands and administrative tasks.
You can manage CA IDMS by using common tools and modern integrated development environments (IDEs), and by writing scripts or programs that can be incorporated within automation for continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) workflows.
This plug-in is compatible with Zowe CLI and is awarded a Zowe Conformance Program badge. Licensed CA IDMS users are entitled to support for this plug-in. This plug-in does not require a CA Brightside subscription for download or use.
Learn More
The following resources can help you learn more about Zowe CLI and plug-ins:
  • Install CLI Plug-ins
    Learn how to install Broadcom plug-ins for Zowe CLI.
  • Zowe Docs Site
    Learn about installing and using Zowe CLI, open source plug-ins, and other components such as Zowe API Mediation Layer.
  • Mainframe Software Developer Cockpit
    Glimpse a simulated modern mainframe developer experience that incorporates Visual Studio Code, the Zowe CLI, and Git.
You can download the IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI from either from the NPM registry (as described in the "Installing Plug-ins" topic at the link above) or from the CA IDMS product downloads page on the Broadcom Support Portal.  The plug-in installation file (idms-for-zowe-cli.tgz) is packaged in a zip file called under product "CAIDMS MVS" for Release 19.0.
CA Brightside
is the Broadcom enterprise-class support offering for Zowe. The CA Brightside documentation includes information about Broadcom plug-ins for Zowe CLI that are available for general use, Broadcom Early Access plug-ins that require CA Brightside license to download, and simplified installation methods.
Zowe CLI
is an open-source component of the Zowe project that lets you interact with the mainframe remotely and use common tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), shell commands, Bash scripts, and build tools for mainframe development.