Continuous Delivery

CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, is pleased to present you with the Generally Available (GA) Continuous Delivery (CD) release of CA IDMS. We will enhance this version using the CD model, which provides new features and product fixes to you faster with easier deployment.
In the CD release model:
  • Enhancements are delivered in the maintenance service stream as feature PTFs. New product features and fixes are no longer bundled together.
  • Enhancements are delivered disabled where possible to give you more control over when and how the features are implemented. With new features disabled, you control when to make the new features available for use in your environment. An explicit action is required to enable the feature.
  • Product validation programs are available so that you can influence feature design and test new features and capabilities before they are made generally available (GA). For more information about these programs, go to or contact either Nakesha Newbury ([email protected]) or Sheila Miller ([email protected]).
  • Individual product fixes are provided when needed, separate from product features. You can apply product fixes without enabling new features, which limits exposure to additional features being applied in a production environment. These changes can limit SMP/E dependencies that were forced previously by bundling features and fixes together.
After full integration and regression testing with other CA Technologies products, the enhancement and product fixes are added into the CA Recommended Service for z/OS (CA RS), ensuring product quality and the integrity of your environment. CA RS is an important part of a good preventive maintenance philosophy that lets you develop and implement a proactive maintenance strategy in which you apply preventive maintenance on a regular schedule.
We recommend that you use CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval to acquire product maintenance. This service uses the IBM SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command and can reduce hours of maintenance time to just minutes. You can acquire maintenance on demand or can schedule an SMP/E job to run regularly, which eliminates time consuming fix searches and the need to select maintenance manually through the Broadcom Support Portal.