Portfolio Simplification for CA IDMS

CA IDMS product component features and capabilities are now available as part of the base product.
To offer more value by streamlining product offerings to CA IDMS/DB for z/OS (CA IDMS) users, some CA IDMS product component features and capabilities are now available through the base product. You do not have to download and install LMP keys for these components.
For CA IDMS 19.0
, the enhancement PTF RO96807 eliminates the need for an LMP key for the product components.
For CA IDMS 18.5
, LMP keys are still required, but the product components are available at no cost.
CA IDMS Product Components
The following table lists the CA IDMS product components that are available as part of the base product.
Component Feature
A fourth-generation language development and runtime system for online and batch applications that execute in the CA IDMS environment and access CA IDMS databases.
CA ADS Batch
A facility that allows you to develop fourth-generation batch applications that execute in the CA IDMS environment. CA ADS Batch applications can read data from input files, perform CA IDMS/DB database update and retrieval, and write data to output files.
CA ADS Alive
A source-level testing and debugging tool that gives CA ADS developers control over the execution of the CA ADS environment.
Enables CA ADS applications to use Advanced Program-to-Program Communications.
A utility that is used to examine the physical integrity of a CA IDMS database, by fixing many found errors and to report the errors and the corrections.
CA IDMS/DB Analyzer
A utility that produces analytical reports describing the physical organization of a database, providing statistics useful for both planning and assessing database reorganization.
CA Culprit for CA IDMS
A batch utility that is used to generate files, print reports and create data tables from conventional and database files. You can print these reports or can write them to conventional files.
CA IDMS Extractor
An application development tool that speeds up the testing and maintenance phases of applications development by reducing or eliminating the need to develop special test database load programs.
A utility that is used to reorganize a CA IDMS database.
CA IDMS DDS (Distributed Database System)
Enables CA IDMS databases to be spread over a network of multiple processors, and supports access to these databases by any CA IDMS application running on the network.
CA IDMS DLI Transparency
Allows DL/I application programs to perform IMS-DB processing with CA IDMS/DB databases. DL/I applications can run in the IMS DB batch or DL/I batch environment or the DL/I CICS environment.
CA IDMS Dictionary Loader
A syntax converter that is used with the Integrated Data Dictionary (IDD) to simplify the task of populating the dictionary with information that is contained in COBOL source programs.
CA IDMS Dictionary Module Editor
A powerful online program development facility that is used to edit and browse modules stored in the dictionary, add and execute modules, and create executable statements.
CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator
A migration tool for transferring systems from a testing environment to a production environment.
An interactive productivity tool that allows on-demand navigation, retrieval, and update of CA IDMS databases.
CA IDMS Dictionary Query Facility
A tool that provides quick and easy online access to the contents of CA IDMS dictionaries.
CA IDMS Journal Analyzer
A comprehensive performance analysis facility that gathers and combines management and performance data from CA IDMS journal files and reports it in concise, logical formats.
CA IDMS Log Analyzer
A performance analysis and management tool that records information from the CA IDMS log and produces various database analysis reports that gauge resource use and system performance.
CA IDMS Masterkey
A task initiation control facility for CA IDMS/DC. By controlling the invocation of tasks, the developer or database administrator can save keystrokes, streamline workflow, and provide a certain amount of security in the CA IDMS environment.
CA IDMS MQ Adapter
Supports message queueing using IBM MQ to enable applications to communicate with one another across your environment. MQ Adapter connects online applications to a local IBM MQ queue manager to allow applications to access the managed queues.
CA IDMS Online Log Display
A tool that gives CA IDMS/DC and DC/UCF users online access to a full-screen display of runtime events that are recorded in the log.
CA OLQ Online Query for CA IDMS
An online query tool and report writer that accesses data that is stored in a CA IDMS database.
CA ADS Trace
A debugging tool that provides online tracing of CA ADS applications.
A high-performance transaction server for the CA IDMS environment that efficiently manages the concurrent execution of multiple online and batch programs accessing CA IDMS databases.
Provides fast, flexible sorting of data online.
CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI
A command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe in a familiar format. With the Plug-in for Zowe CLI, you can execute and automate commands and administrative tasks.
Built on the representational state transfer (REST) architecture, the REST API gives the ability to use modern development tools to maintain CA IDMS applications and manage and monitor CA IDMS Databases.
CA IDMS Task Analyzer
A CA IDMS/DC task reporting utility that uses CA IDMS exits to gather statistics and produce reports on programs, CA ADS dialogs, tasks, and integrated indexes. These statistics can be written to the CA IDMS Log or SMF records.
Enables a terminal that is connected to a host teleprocessing monitor to execute CA IDMS tasks.
CA IDMS VSAM Transparency
A program interface that allows VSAM-based applications to access and update in a CA IDMS/DB database.
A robust, comprehensive tool that enables you to view and manage objects from a single, object-oriented graphical user interface (GUI).
CA IDMS Server
Provides open access to data that is stored in CA IDMS databases using dynamic SQL with both the ODBC and JDBC application program interfaces.
Provides SQL query and update access to CA IDMS databases. SQL supports existing network databases that are defined using the schema compiler, and new databases that are defined using SQL DDL.
CA IDMS SQL Quick Bridge
A graphical user interface (GUI) tool that makes it easy for CA IDMS programmers and DBAs to define table procedures.
CA IDMS Web Services
A feature that allows you to both consume external web services and expose internal web services within CA IDMS by using the SOAP protocol.
CA IDMS Product Components that are Not Part of Portfolio Simplification
The following CA IDMS product components require licenses:
Component Feature
CA Endevor/DB Change Manager for CA-IDMS
Controls and monitors change processing within the CA IDMS environment. The use of CA Endevor/DB streamlines the administration of the CA IDMS environment and helps to ensure a smooth migration from one stage of development (such as system testing) to the next.
CA IDMS Presspack
CA IDMS Presspack is a tool for compression and decompression of CA IDMS/DB records or tables. Its compression efficiency makes it ideal for compressing large-volume databases.
CA IDMS Performance Monitor Option
The CA IDMS Performance Monitor is a performance and tuning tool. Use it to monitor hardware and software resource utilization in a DC/UCF system. Performance Monitor includes Realtime, Interval, and Application Monitor components.