Upgrade Considerations

This release supports a full upgrade from Releases 18.5 and earlier. For a comparison of the features that are introduced in each release of CA IDMS, see the Release Comparison.
This release supports a full upgrade from Releases 18.5 and earlier. For a comparison of the features that are introduced in each release of CA IDMS, see the Release Comparison.
The following topics describe upgrade information for a successful install of this release:
SQL with Virtual Foreign Keys
The following sections describe SQL considerations and required actions to upgrade to this CA IDMS release:
  • Update Catalogs
  • Update the SYSTEM Schema
  • Fallback Considerations
  • Update Views
Update Catalogs
Every catalog, in which the SYSTEM schema is defined, must be updated. CA IDMS SQL and CA IDMS Visual DBA use SQL catalogs.
If falling back to an earlier release of CA IDMS, any catalog, including non-SQL defined catalogs, might require special handling.
Update the SYSTEM Schema
CA IDMS Visual DBA and CA IDMS Web Connect users must use the CONVERT CATALOG command to update the definitions of system tables in each SQL catalog.
Executing the CONVERT CATALOG utility ensures that all changes that are introduced in earlier CA IDMS releases are applied.
Fallback Considerations
The changes that are implemented by the release 19.0.00 catalog conversion utility are downward compatible through CA IDMS Release 14.0.00. You do not need to take any action regarding the catalog definitions to fall back to these earlier releases.
Converted definitions are not downward compatible with CA IDMS Releases 12.0 or 12.01. If you are upgrading from either of these releases, you must retain backup files of the catalog before converting it. If you must fall back, you must restore the catalog and any database areas containing tables that were created or altered using CA IDMS Release 19.0.00.
Update Views
Views that use "SELECT * FROM SYSTEM.SCHEMA" must be dropped and recreated. For detailed instructions on how to update your views, refer to member VIEWDOC in the CAGJSAMP, or equivalent dataset.
To support the new IDMS_ROWID_INSERT parameter for GET DIAGNOSTICS, the SYSCA.GET_DIAGNOSTICS view must be updated. Use the IDMSBCF utility to update each SQL catalog with the input in source member VIEW19U.
CA IDMS Web Services
Configuring the CA Web Services Demo is now a separate configurable option. The following tasks must be performed to complete your installation of the CA IDMS Web Services component. For detailed information about how to perform these tasks, see the Post-Configuration Tasks topic.
  • Web Services Consumer Demo Service: 
    A Consumer Services Dialog IDMSWSDM is included with the CA IDMS Web Services CV installation component. You might want to change the port number for your system environment.
  • Add-On Install SYSGEN Updates:
    If CA IDMS Web Services is configured as part of an add-on configuration, you must enable the reuse of your LE Enclaves through the CV SYSTEM statement.
Upgrade from Version 18.0 and Earlier
If you upgrade to CA IDMS 19.0 from a release earlier than 18.5, you must take more steps to complete the upgrade. Review the upgrade considerations in the Release Notes for each intermediate release before performing an upgrade. For example, if you are upgrading to CA IDMS 19.0 from version 17.0 you must also perform steps that are outlined in the 18.0 and 19.0 release information. For documentation regarding versions earlier than 19.0, see Legacy Bookshelves and PDFs.
Upgrade from Release 18.5 to Version 19.0
When upgrading from 18.5 to 19.0 through CAISAG, CA IDMS loads only dictionary entities that are changed. The changed entities are in the CAGJSRC dataset, member IDDXI5J0. You must load the following PTFs to get the changed entities:
  • RO93158
  • SO00341
  • SO07404
  • SO07598
  • LU03117