z/OSMF Portable Package Special Considerations

If you are using z/OSMF to perform an upgrade, before beginning the upgrade, read the following information about two PTFs included in the package. The PTFs have special requirements regarding HOLDDATA that you should consider before upgrading. 
PTF SO11594
The requirement for HOOKED exits has changed. Without this PTF applied, upon return from a HOOKED exit, any value in the high-half of R15 prevents other HOOK entries for that vector from being called.
After this PTF is applied, other entries are called unless the high-order bit is set in R15. The high-order bit is cleared before it is returned to the caller.
The following vendor products have hooked the IDMS vectors. If you use any of these products, contact the vendor before installing this PTF.
  • Cogito
    • EZ-DB product suite
  • Rocket Software
    • OCA
    • Shadow z/Services for IDMS
PTF SO14636
This PTF corrects an issue with native VSAM KSDS records. Without the PTF applied, when a native VSAM KSDS record is stored or created, the corresponding journal image is invalid. The "before" image is incorrect for an ERASE, and the "after" image is incorrect for a STORE operation.
Whether you follow the HOLDDATA instructions before or after upgrading depends on the version of the release you are upgrading from:
  • If you are upgrading from release 18.5, you can apply PTF SO14587 in your 18.5 environment, then follow the HOLDDATA instructions
    before performing the upgrade.
  • If you are upgrading from a release other than 18.5, follow the HOLDDATA instructions after upgrading.
HOLDDATA Instructions
  • Review KSDS VSAM files for accuracy.
  • Shut down CVs that update KSDS VSAM files and archive and format their journals.
  • Use existing journal data for analysis. Do not use it for recovery if it contains invalid images for either STORE or ERASE operations.