REST API: IDMS Compilers

The IDMS Compilers enable you to create and maintain DC/UCF system definitions, Schema definitions, and manage dictionary components.
Authorization and Authentication
Basic authorization user credentials must be provided in the header (either user ID and password or Base64 encoding), as shown in the following examples:
Authorization: Basic zowe zowe
Base64 encoding of userid:password
These credentials are used to access the API and to sign onto IDMS.
The following services are available:
  • IDD Compiler -- Executes the IDMS IDD compiler to manage IDMS dictionary components
  • OCF Compiler -- Executes the online command facility (OCF), which allows you to submit physical and logical DDL statements for manipulating SQL and non-SQL databases
  • Schema Compiler -- Executes the IDMS Schema Compiler, which allows you to create and maintain the Schema definitions for your IDMS databases
  • SSC Compiler -- Executes statements that perform an action on IDMS subschemas
  • SYSGEN Compiler -- Executes the IDMS System Generation (SYSGEN) Compiler to create and maintain an IDMS DC/UCF system definition