REST API: SQL Imported Keys

Obtain a list of imported keys associated with the data source. The SQL Imported Keys service implements the CA IDMS Server JDBC API method getImportedKeys within the class IdmsDatabaseMetaData.
HTTP Method and URI Path
The URI path has the following format:
<base url>
<query parameters>
  • <base URL>
    Specifies the base URL address for the CA IDMS REST API service
  • <datasource>
    (required) Identifies the CA IDMS system where the API request is to be sent and is defined in the datasources.yml file
  • <query parameters>
    • schema --
      Identifies the name of the schema. If schema is not specified, the default schema is used (if one exists). This parameter is case-sensitive and must match the schema name exactly.
    • table --
      (required) Identifies the name of the table. This parameter is case-sensitive and must match the table name exactly.
Returns all imported key columns that match the table and schema filter
{ "importedKeys": [ { "primaryKeyTableCatalog": null, "primaryKeyTableSchema": "DEMOEMPL", "primaryKeyTableName": "DEPARTMENT", "primaryKeyColumnName": "DEPT_ID", "foreignKeyTableCatalog": null, "foreignKeyTableSchema": "DEMOEMPL", "foreignKeyTableName": "EMPLOYEE", "foreignKeyColumnName": "DEPT_ID", "keySequence": 1, "updateRule": 3, "deleteRule": 3, "foreignKeyName": "DEPT_EMPLOYEE", "primaryKeyName": "CALC", "deferrability": 7 }, { "primaryKeyTableCatalog": null, "primaryKeyTableSchema": "DEMOEMPL", "primaryKeyTableName": "EMPLOYEE", "primaryKeyColumnName": "EMP_ID", "foreignKeyTableCatalog": null, "foreignKeyTableSchema": "DEMOEMPL", "foreignKeyTableName": "EMPLOYEE", "foreignKeyColumnName": "MANAGER_ID", "keySequence": 1, "updateRule": 3, "deleteRule": 3, "foreignKeyName": "MANAGER_EMP", "primaryKeyName": "CALC", "deferrability": 7 } ], "errors": [] }