Use Case Videos

IDMS provides videos based on use cases.
CA IDMS offers the following use case videos to complement the documentation and demonstrate how to implement and use product features.
Video Link
Title and Description

Provides an overview of the new features in the CA IDMS REST API 1.0.1 release. You can use IDMS compiler services, execute SQL commands, view database metadata, and more.
The video is presented by Matthew Ball, Broadcom Mainframe Division.
Run time:
6 min 10sec.

APIs and Integration Using Open Source Monitoring Tools:
Shows how you can use popular open-source tools to monitor database performance metrics exposed by Zowe APIs. With little or no coding you can collect data over time for deep analysis and develop dashboards to display performance graphically.
The video is presented by David Ross, Software Architect, Broadcom Mainframe Division.
Run time:
12 min 43 sec.

IDMS CLI Demonstration:
Gives an overview of the CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI. Zowe CLI is a command-line interface that lets users interact with the mainframe in a familiar format.
The CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI provides the ability to execute and automate CA IDMS commands and administrative tasks.
Run time:
9 min 18 sec.

JDBC Access to Data in a CA IDMS™ Database:
Is the third video in the “CA IDMS™ Modernization” series and shows the CA IDMS™ JDBC driver, another component of the CA IDMS™ Server product.
The IDMS JDBC Driver is a great way for Java programs to access data from CA IDMS, from any number of platforms and Java-based tools. This driver is J2EE-compliant and provides support for JDBC Connection Pooling and XA transaction processing.
Run time:
5 min 11 sec.

SQL Access to CA IDMS Network Data:
Demonstrates the ability to access your existing CA IDMS Network database using ANSI standard SQL.
Run time:
2 min 18 sec.

ODBC Access to Data in a CA IDMS Database:
Shows how to provide a client/server and web-based access to the data stored in your CA IDMS database.
Run time:
6 min 00 sec.

Enable SQL Applications to See CA IDMS Network Database Structures:
Shows, in Version 19.0, how Virtual Keys expose network sets as referential constraints and simplify database access.
Run time:
5 min 34 sec.