Use Zowe CLI with CA IDMS

Zowe CLI is a command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe in a familiar format.
You can simplify and automate CA IDMS administration tasks by using Zowe, an open source project that includes a CLI (command-line interface) component. With the Zowe CLI, CA IDMS DBAs and application developers can use familiar, modern scripting languages (such as PowerShell, Bash, Python, and JavaScript) to run CA IDMS commands, utilities, and compilers.
For example, you can use the Zowe CLI with IDMS to:
  • Automate CA IDMS administration tasks
  • Simplify and automate common CA IDMS administrative tasks by using a familiar format
  • Manage CA IDMS using common tools and popular integrated development environments (IDEs), such as Visual Studio Code and Eclipse
Choose from two plug-ins to interact with CA IDMS:
  • CA IDMS Plug-in for Zowe CLI
    This plug-in is specific to CA IDMS. It uses the CA IDMS REST API to perform actions such as:
    • List Realtime Monitor statistics and information
    • View DC log records
    • Issue DCMT and DCUF commands
  • Zowe z/OS TSO Plug-in
    This plug-in is included by default with the Zowe CLI download. You can configure the z/OS TSO interface to execute IDMS DC commands that you would typically enter manually through an interactive terminal session with the IDMS UCF TSO interface.
IDMS CLI Video Introduction
View the IDMS CLI Demonstration video for an introduction to the IDMS CLI.