Using DB Analyzer

Information about using DB Analyzer.
CA IDMS/DB Analyzer is a parameter-driven utility for CA IDMS that produces a series of analytical reports describing the physical organization of a database. These reports give you the necessary statistical basis for both planning and assessing database reorganization. With CA IDMS/DB Analyzer you can analyze an entire database or a portion of a database. CA IDMS/DB Analyzer also allows you to compare current physical organization conditions with past ones, or two sets of past conditions with each other.
The Physical Analysis/Reorganization Challenge
The physical organization of your database plays a crucial role in determining efficient and cost-effective application performance. But, because of the dynamic nature of corporate information, the effectiveness of even the most carefully structured database deteriorates over time. Application performance decreases, operating costs increase, and the DBA is confronted with a formidable challenge -- database analysis and reorganization.
CA IDMS/DB Analyzer Meets Your Needs
CA IDMS/DB Analyzer is a comprehensive database analysis tool. It replaces the less comprehensive utilities previously available for understanding the physical organization of a database.
CA IDMS/DB Analyzer gives you the analytical capability necessary for performing timely, accurate, and easy to justify database reorganization. It is specifically designed to help you:
  • Manage the database environment using meaningful physical organization information
  • Forecast the performance of proposed applications
  • Monitor database growth
  • Establish the need for database expansion
  • Identify undesirable trends in the database environment
  • Assess the benefits derived from database reorganization.