Index Suppression Exit Support

Use Your Own Index Suppression Exit Routine
Use Your Own Index Suppression Exit Routine
CA IDMS DLI Transparency allows you to write your own index suppression exit routines for use with DL/I sparse indexes. If you have a DL/I secondary index, you can specify the exit routine so that it receives control immediately before the pointer records are stored in the secondary index. The exit routine can then indicate to CA IDMS DLI Transparency whether to process or ignore the store request.
Define an Exit Routine
To define an exit routine to CA IDMS DLI Transparency, specify the name of the routine for the EXIT ROUTINE parameter on the INDEX statement in the IPSB INDEX SECTION (described in IPSB Compiler). The name of the routine must match the name specified for the EXTRTN parameter on the XDFLD statement in the DL/I DBD definition. Note that the syntax generator will generate a corresponding EXIT ROUTINE in the IPSB source for each EXTRTN parameter it finds in the DL/I DBD definitions.