Introduction to CA IDMS DLI Transparency

What is CA IDMS DLI Transparency
What is CA IDMS DLI Transparency
CA IDMS DLI Transparency provides the basis for a gradual and orderly migration from DL/I to CA IDMS/DB. Specifically, it lets you:
  • Convert existing DL/I database definitions to equivalent CA IDMS/DB database definitions
  • Load the existing data from the DL/I databases to the new CA IDMS/DB database
  • Produce a run-time interface module to translate DL/I database requests in existing applications to equivalent CA IDMS/DB database requests
CA IDMS DLI Transparency allows you to move from the DL/I environment to the CA IDMS/DB environment without having to sacrifice the investment in your existing DL/I applications.
Once you have used CA IDMS DLI Transparency to make the transition to CA IDMS/DB, you can convert your DL/I applications to native CA IDMS/DB applications at your own pace and in keeping with your site's manpower and machine resources.
CA IDMS DLI Transparency is Transparent to Applications
Because CA IDMS DLI Transparency is generally transparent to DL/I applications, you have to perform little program alteration. Recompilation of DL/I programs is required only if they contain nonsupported features such as logging calls. Batch and CICS programs must be relinked with the CA IDMS DLI Transparency language interface.
DL/I Application Conversion Not Required
Since your DL/I applications will continue to run as expected, you do not have to convert them. However, you may want to convert them to take advantage of CA IDMS/DB's advanced features, including its relational capabilities. Additionally, you may want to develop your own native CA IDMS/DB applications to run against the migrated DL/I databases.
You cannot use CA IDMS/DB facilities to redesign a migrated DL/I database. The CA IDMS DLI Transparency data structures must be maintained to ensure that your DL/I applications will continue to work as expected.