The IPSB Compiler 1

What the IPSB Compiler Does
What the IPSB Compiler Does
The IPSB compiler, consisting of the IDMSDLMG module, accepts user-supplied input statements and subschema tables as input. Compiler output consists of the IPSBs and a listing of any diagnostic messages. The resulting IPSBs are known as fixed IPSBs. At runtime, when CA IDMS DLI Transparency processes a DL/I application, the back end of the runtime interface loads the relevant fixed IPSB. The fixed IPSB then serves the back end as the source for creating a variable IPSB. A variable IPSB keeps track of the DL/I and CA IDMS/DB information during CA IDMS DLI Transparency processing.
IPSB Must Be in Load (Core-Image) Library at Runtime
The fixed IPSB must be available in a load (core-image) library at runtime. Hence, the user must run the IPSB compiler to create the appropriate IPSBs before using the runtime interface. Once an IPSB is compiled, assembled, and link edited, however, it is available for use during all subsequent executions of the DL/I application program (assuming no changes are made to the DL/I applications).