The Syntax Generator

Input to the Syntax Generator
Input to the Syntax Generator
The syntax generator consists of the IDMSDLPG module. For input, it accepts a DL/I PSB and the DBDs referenced by the PCBs included in the PSB. The source code for the PSB and DBDs must be assembled using the CA-supplied macros before inputting them to the syntax generator.
In addition to the assembled PSB and DBDs, the syntax generator requires user-supplied input statements. The input statements direct the generator to produce source statements for an IPSB load module and any of the following CA IDMS/DB entities:
  • Schema
  • DMCL
  • Subschema
Output from the Syntax Generator
When executed, the syntax generator reads in and extracts the DL/I definitions reflected in the assembled PSB and DBDs. Based on the DL/I definitions, the generator creates corresponding source statements for the IPSB load module and the requested CA IDMS/DB modules.
Review the Source Statements
The user must review the IPSB and CA IDMS/DB source statements to make sure that they reflect the dependencies that are present, either explicitly or implicitly, in the DL/I definitions. For example, does every logical child segment have its physical parent segment defined? If an IPSB is to be used with the load utility, there are special load utility considerations that the user must include in the IPSB source.
After reviewing and, if necessary, modifying the source statements, the user must input them to the appropriate compiler to produce the required load module. Operation of the IPSB compiler is described below. Operation of the CA IDMS/DB schema and subschema compilers and sectionlines for creating a DMCL module are described in the
CA IDMS Database Administration Section