Locate and Examine Dictionary Contents Easily Online

CA IDMS DQF helps you find detailed information in an Integrated Data Dictionary (IDD) quickly and easily. Information about specific dictionary entities is available online. There is no longer a need to wait for batch reports about the dictionary. Because CA IDMS DQF is a query-only product, there is no possibility of unwarranted changes in the dictionary.
Developers, programmers, DBAs, analysts--any authorized users who need dictionary data--can readily examine the contents of each dictionary, without using complicated syntax. Menus section you rapidly to specific information. Menus allow access to details and cross-references about each entity. Knowledge of dictionary structure is not required.
In addition to making choices from the menus, you can transfer directly to any detail or cross-reference screen. For example, after reviewing the definition of a specific dialog, you can jump directly to details about one of its records.
Find Relationships Between Entities
Using cross-references listed on menus, you can examine entity relationships whether or not you know dictionary structure. Thus, from the cross-reference list on the Dialog Menu, cross-reference screens are available, listing the dialog's records, maps, or processes.