Beginning the CA IDMS DQF Session

Before starting to use CA IDMS DQF, you must invoke the system prompt screen of CA IDMS/DC. If you need information on how to do this, see your system administrator.
Enter the CA IDMS DQF task code.
The Dictionary Query Facility entry screen displays.
      CCCCCCCCC │││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││     CCCCCCCCCC                                                                ││   CCC                                                                         ││ CCC      AAAA                                                                 ││ CCC     AAAAA                                                                 ││ CCC    AAAAAA                                                                 ││ CCC   AAA AAA                                                                 ││  CCC AAA  AAA                                                                 ││   CCAAACCCCCC              DICTIONARY QUERY FACILITY                          ││    AAACCCCCCCC                                                                ││   AAA     AAA                                                                 ││  AAA      AAA                                                                 ││  AA       AAA                                                                 ││                         PRESS ENTER TO RECEIVE MAIN MENU                      ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││                                                                            ││ ││ Rnn.nn  COPYRIGHT 2009            CA, INC.            ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  ││ │││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││││
Exhibit 3.4: Dictionary Query Facility Entry Screen
Accessing the Dictionary Entity Main Menu
When the Dictionary Query Facility entry screen is displayed, press Enter.
The Dictionary Entity Main Menu displays.
DQF Rnn.nn ---  DICTIONARY ENTITY MAIN MENU  --------  CA, INC. hh:mm mm/dd/yy OPTION ===> DICTIONARY ===> SYSDICT                 NODE ===>     MENU     OPTIONS     --------------------    --------------------    --------------------     APP APPLICATION         LOA LOAD MODULE         SCH SCHEMA     ATT ATTRIBUTE           MAP MAP                 SEG SEGMENT     CLA CLASS               MOD MODULE              SSC SUBSCHEMA     DIA DIALOG              PRC PROCESS             SUB SUBSYSTEM     ELE ELEMENT             PRO PROGRAM             SYS SYSTEM     FIL FILE                QFI QFILE               TAB TABLE                             REC RECORD              USE USER             PF3= EXIT DQF
Exhibit 3.5: Dictionary Entity Main Menu Screen