Deriving Views

Derived from Stored Tables
Views are tables that are derived from one or more source tables or non-SQL defined records. When you create a view, you create a definition of how data already existing in the database is to be presented. When a view is accessed, the data is retrieved from the stored tables or non-SQL defined records in which it is stored and is presented in the format specified in the view definition. Updates to data made through a view are actually made to the source data that the view is presenting.
Combine and Select as Needed
The relational operations (select, project, and join) can be used in any combination to create a view that meets your needs. You can derive a view by
two or more source tables,
the columns from the source tables that you want to include in your view, and
rows from the source tables.
Use Your Own or Others' Tables
ASF enables you to derive views easily, using existing tables as source tables. You can derive a view from tables that you own or from tables owned by others that have been made available to you through the COPY passkey (See the section "Granting Access to Tables").