Granting Access to Tables

Passkeys Give Access
You can allow other users to access tables that you create by assigning
. A passkey defines the type of access allowed. Two types of access are granted by passkeys:
  • Data access
    allows access to tables (data and definitions). For example, the ADD data access passkey allows a user to add rows to a table; the REDEFINE data access passkey allows a user to modify the definition of a table.
  • Catalog access
    allows access to the catalog, which is the directory of users and tables. For example, the BROWSE catalog access passkey allows a user to list the directory of another user or, in conjunction with data access passkeys, to access an individual table in another user's directory.
ASF provides individual passkeys that allow you to be very specific in assigning data and catalog access. Additionally, ASF provides
predefined passkey combinations
that enable you to specify useful combinations of data and catalog access with a single passkey.
For more information about each passkey type, see the section "Passkey Screens."
Row-level Security
In addition to passkeys that restrict or allow access to entire tables, you can use row-level security to restrict access to separate rows. Row-level security is discussed in the section "Restricting Access to Rows."