The Automatic System Facility

What is ASF
What is ASF
Automatic System Facility (ASF)
is an online, menu-driven facility that enables all users in the corporation to take advantage of database management system capabilities. ASF is a facility of the CA IDMS/DB database management system. ASF is also a component of the Information Center Management System (CA-ICMS), which uses an CA IDMS/DB database. Thus, ASF is a tool for both the
development center
and the
information center
You Define Data Tables
Through ASF, you can accomplish your own data processing tasks, no matter what level of data processing expertise you have. ASF is the interface between you and the database. Through ASF, you define
data tables
by describing the data you want to manage. ASF automatically generates an
application program
to store and access data in the table you define.
ASF Creates Support Structures
You need only define a data table; ASF creates all the supporting structures needed to use that table. ASF performs the following application development tasks for you:
  • Formats screens for displaying/updating data
  • Generates programming logic for adding, updating, deleting, and displaying data
  • Stores definitions for formatting data
Create Your Own Database
By using ASF, you can create
private databases
without requiring assistance from the data processing department. Private databases give users direct control over data that is of interest to an individual or to a small group. Users can also have easy access to corporate data that is stored in
production databases
. ASF enables you to easily develop applications that answer many of your data processing needs.
Use or Add to Existing Database
You can define a table that adds new data elements to the database, or define a table that relates elements already existing in the database.
Relational operations
can be performed through ASF when defining data tables. ASF includes all the functions necessary to define data tables and to use those tables through the online applications created by ASF.